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A furin that doesn't need wind to chime

Do you know the furin?

It is an ornamental bell very popular in Japan, usually made of glass, with a clapper attached to a strip of cardboard. When the wind blows you hear a relaxing "ding-ding-ding."

But what if we want to place it in our room, or in other windless places?

That's easy, there is the electronic furin:

Live presentation of Windows 7 on Japanese TV

At a Japanese morning show, is presented a new Sony computer with touch screen monitor.

How will work the touchscreen?

Will this "tacchi paneru no monitaa" be truly revolutionary?

Let's see the video:

"uh, convenient, right? Here, open Google Earth, this gesture will magnify..."

Shocking! Custom Ringtones in WP7!


Microsoft, on their blog, has written that, with the upcoming Windows Phone 7 version, you will be able to - hold up on the chair - choose a custom ringtone!!!

That's a shocking innovation!

And this is not the end of the shocking announcements: they will include nine new default ringtones!

That's awesome, that's the future, custom ringtones, who would have think that 10 years ago?

Wow!!!! I love the future!

The unPrinter

Especially in offices and large corporations, every day are done thousands of "useless" printouts, as emails, drafts, internal memos, and so on. Documents that are mean to last less than one hour, but that must be printed to enhance productivity. But, using a new Japanese device it's possible to "delete" and "reprint" this papers, without using ink, toners or cartridges!

I am talking about the Sanwa Prepeat printer, it's a little bit pricey, about $6000, but can print on rewritable PET sheets. Sure, sheets are pricey too, $3 and are sold in 1000-sheets boxes, but if you consider that delete and rewrite can be done for free, for large corporations it can be convenient.

Jut take care to write on this expensive media using special felt tip markers and don't fold the sheets  

Here is the presentation video, in Japanese with English subtitles:

A good reason to go in Japan: the TOYLET

This is a very good reason to go in Japan: the SEGA Toylet!


Why stop to play when you have "other" needs?

Finally, urinating is no more a boring task!


With two different sensors, an infrared one and a microphone to hear the "dripping", there are many different games, for measuring your "aim", "power", "speed"


Available in some Tokyo bars, I bet that the water bottle sales will skyrocket

I can see a long line for the male washroom...


Let's hope for an "home" edition?

I'm back! New computer course!

As you might have noticed, recently I've been a little off the website. I was busy doing the new skin, then I had to move to a new server, teaching Japanese for free in the Italian section on this website, and so on, so I didn't had time to translate content from Italian.

But, an huge surprise for you! A survey on the Italian website said that a "from zero to hero" computer course will be appreciated.

So, here it is, in English, this time is out before the Italian

It is one of a long series - lesson 1: the keyboard:

I hope that you like it, please comment and vote

10 reasons to buy an iPad


well, actually I saw just one reason to buy an iPad, but I liked to write an article named "10 reasons to...", or "10 ways to..." 

Here it is:

$499 to let your cat have fun it's well worthy

And the cat is having fun! Great, we can save money on a cat-sitter!

It's great that the iPad display is scratch-proof!

Wow, Creative is so... creative

Creative is about to launch their new Zii, a video+mp3 player, this is a preview sketch from the FCC:

Creative Zii

Uhm... where i saw this design? It looks so similar... to a mobile on sale from some time... let's try to merge the drawings:

Zii vs iPhone

Creative Zii in red, Apple iPhone in blue

So cool! The Zii is almost compatible with iPhone covers! What a smart move! It's a pity that they placed the camera in the wrong place... it's a matter of millimeters, otherwise they could write on the box: "New! Compatible with Apple iPhone covers!"

Also, the logo looks similar to another logo... and the name also is similar; Zii... Zii... it resembles another name, become famous 2-3 years ago:

Zii vs Wii

Wow, Creative has been so... creative!

Finally Sony is dropping the Memory Stick!

A reason not to buy a Sony product, is absolutely the Memory Stick. In our homes, there is certainly an SD card floating around, from cellphone, digital camera, even the Wii. Instead, the memory sticks are expensive and nothing except Sony products can use them.

A Memory Stick is ABSOLUTELY more expensive. Here is a comparison on a 16 GB card, from the same manufacturer (Sandisk):

Name Price
microSD 16 GB 66 euro
Memory Stick Micro M2 16 GB 90 euro

Paying 24 euro more for essentially the same product! Who will pay a "36% Sony tax"??

So, the great idea to lock Sony users with the Memory Sticks, has proven to be not so good: it renders the product less appealing!

Recently, on new cellphones, and on expensive cameras, Sony chose to use "standard" formats. (microSD for mobiles, compact flash for D-SLRs). Now they confirmed it!

The next step? As Engadget says, they could kill the UMD. Oops, they already did it 

Symbian S60 can run on x86 CPUs!

The guys at the S60 on Symbian Customer Operations team, has done a Symbian S60 port for x86 CPU, the common CPU for PCs and Macs! That port, is for an off the shelf Intel Atom motherboard. Even them were shocked by the speed and responsiveness! Here are some pictures:

symbian     symbian

For now is just a proof of concept... x86 cellphones will ever come?

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