Handwriting recognition in Windows 7

On the official "engineering windows 7" blog, there is a really interesting post.

That post is about the handwriting recognition. Widely available from many years, it was not accurate nor user friendly enough to be really useful.

With Windows 7, they want to get radical change to the common idea of handwriting recognition! A video is better than 100 words:

Really impressing, it isn't true?

This technlogy also works for asian languages!


And you can also write complicated math equations! 


They also revamped the UI, making it more "finger friendly", and with "multi-touch" support. Also, the on-screen keyboard, is not as useless as the XP or Vista OSK and has been refined in the looking and in functionalities! It has an adaptive dictionary that will learn from the user documents.

So promising, right? I wanna buy a tablet pc!