Geocities is about to close...

Quietly, and only discovered by techcrunch, another piece of Internet history is vanishing...

Bought in 1999 for $2.87 billions by Yahoo, during the dot-com bubble, it was one of the first free web hosting websites in the Internet history.

Those websites were popular in the nineties. No PHP, ASP, scripts; just 15mb of space, and most of pages were created with Microsoft Frontpage... kinda nostalgic!

Gradually, they constantly tied to monetize, forcing advertising into the users' web-pages; in 1997 it was the 5th most popular website in the world, now is just ranked 150th (source) From the alexa data, we can also see that their ranking is drastically fallen this year:


That slash in popularity was inevitable: with the same 1994 offer, no PHP, no ASP (they was not yet invented - PHP is from 1995; ASP is from 1998 ), just 15 mb of space, that at that age, it should have seemed a lot of space, and pages flooded by forced advertisements... who will open a new account?

However, according to, geocities is worth $231 mililions... not bad, right?

On the wayback machine you can see how it appeared in the 1996