Automatic logon (or login) in Windows FLP

This is how to force automatic login in Windows, and also how to disable the "Press ctrl-alt-del to login" message

  1. First, open the "Run" window, by pressing the Windows Key + R, or by clicking on the start menu and then on Run.
  2. Then, type control userpasswords2
  3. A window, similar to this, will appear:


Uncheck the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" option, and click on OK. You will be prompted to insert the user password for doing the automatic login:


Instead, if you wanna remove the "press ctrl-alt-del" message at the login, just uncheck the relative option in the second tab:



Be careful! Using autologin on a password-protected account, can lead to forgetting the password. This is how to reset the password without knowing it