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Have you bought a Windows Mobile Smartphone without the Bluetooth? You will NEVER be able to do a BT connection, because you don't have the right hardware.

But, your cellphone was so expensive! Your friends can laugh you if you tell them that you paid over $400 for a cellphone without BT! So, why don't fool your friends?

This software SIMULATES the Bluetooth activation, does not really activate it.

From now, you can show to your friends the notice "Bluetooth enabled", and tell them, "I enabled Bluetooth by my side, if your Nokia cannot send me files, is because Nokia sux; my cellphone rocks!"


  • U.S. English
  • Italian

The software checks automatically the language that has been set. Default language is English. 


  • Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 (Testato on a MiTAC Mio 8390)
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002 (Not tested, but it should work)
  • Maybe Windows Mobile 5.0, but I think that most of WM5.0 devices should have BT

Download BluetoothEnabler Version 1.0 (English)

This software is not digitally signed, so it cannot work if your cellphone is set to work only with signed software (usually smartphones are sold "software unlocked" and are easily unlockable) 

Coming soon:

  • "Send files" option
  • Notice that says: "Impossible to send the file: connection has been aborted by the other device" 
  • A GUI that mimicks the Microsoft GUI

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