AVG is ridiculous

I installed AVG on my home computer, needing a free antivirus.
 After installation, you need a full disk scan, and since AVG bugs you every 10 minutes with no chance to say "don't ask me again", I finally consented to that useless scan.

After a few hours, it found a virus and deleted it without asking.
 Intrigued, I checked the quarantine to investigate.
 It was HackerNovello.htm, a very old file (more than 12 years!) from an ezine that I found on IRC; New Bies:

                 |   _   _               ____  _           |
                 |  | \ | | _____      _| __ )(_) ___ ___  |
                -+- |  \| |/ _ \ \ /\ / /  _ \| |/ _ Y __|-+-
                 :  | |\  |  __/\ V  V /| |_) | |  __|__ \ :
                 |  |_| \_|\___| \_/\_/ |____/|_|\___|___/ |

                       NEW BIES (num 2) (data 07/03/99)

AVG detects a virus in a story where the author says that in the DOS time he put førmat c: /autotest /q /u in the autoexec.bat. This is a command that does a quick format of the system drive without confirmation.

Ok, just find "format c:" in any file and automatically becomes a virus to delete without asking??

Then it detect as virus stuff in grey range, as trainers for video games, almost all keygens, even joke programs (style: Invert the screen) and bugs you if Chrome uses more than 300 megs of RAM when I have more than 6 gigs free...

Ugh... when I have free time I will uninstall AVG...

Update: I had to replace the o with an ø in the format command, because Avast is so smart to block the access to any page that contains the string!! Weird!