BootMii finally released! Homebrew Channel on 4.0!

Bushing has just released the BootMii beta 1!

What is that? It is a software that will be installed on the Wii boot2 (or as an additional IOS, if you want), enabling you to commit advanced modifications on your Wii, independently from the firmware version.

Moreover, it has been released as "HackMii installer"; you can choose to install:

  • The Homebrew Channel
  • DVDx
  • The BootMii beta 1 (for now, i suggest to not install this, if you are not keen on this kind of stuff)

Now let's talk about the most interesting stuff - how to install the Homebrew Channel on your 4.0 firmware

First, you need the bannerbomb exploit, then, you have to download the HackMii installer.

Extract the file from bannerbomb on your SD card, then extract installer_beta1.elf from the Hackmii installer, renaming it in boot.dol, and placing in the root .

Then, follow the direction on how to run bannerbomb, and, when the installation menu will appear, select the Homebrew Channel.

Then, you might be interested to know how to run backups from USB or SD. (Probably it won't be possible to do it on 4.0+ firmwares, as the CIOS installation will fail)


Notes for who is willing to tryout the BootMii:

  • It has 3 functions: direct loading of the Homebrew Channel, ROM backup, ARM and PPC code loading.
  • For now, is not possible to uninstall the bootmii.
  • They have tested it only on 10 console - they feel it is safe, but there can be some problems.
  • Since bootmii is loaded before the main OS, is not possible to use the Wiimote, only GameCube controllers and front Wii buttons are supported.
  • For now, the IOS version is kinda useless
  • On newest Wii, the installation can be troublesome
  • If you do the ROM backup, you might be notice that your Wii has a lot of damaged sectors, this is normal: it looks like Nintendo used cheap components - it can have up to 80 damaged sectors...