Migrating to Springpad

After the Google Notebook shutdown, I was forced to find an alternative that would work well on my phone.

I found Catch Notes (which was previously known as Snaptic and before that as 3Banana) but has the annoying habit of disconnecting the session each time it is used on another computer: bad, I need to access it from 3 computers, and therefore is very irritating to type the password every now and then.

So I tried Evernote, but has two intolerable flaws:

  • You need to pay $45 a year if you want to access the notes without being connected to the Internet
  • The application for Android is huge, not optimized, and although it supports App2SD, uses a lot of space: I do not have enough of it to install it

During a conference, I noticed that the relator used Springpad to take notes. When I came back home, I was curious about it, so I joined the service.

At first I did not like it at all, everything seemed so counter-intuitive... then I installed the application on my phone, I started to get the hang of, and I must say I was extremely pleased!

Ok, how to transfer years of Google Notebook notes to Springpad? Doing it manually is extremely boring ...

By using the converter! (Evernote Version)

In a few minutes will migrate all the notes, although the Japanese characters will be replaced by question marks... it's a pity, so I had to review all the imported notes...