How to detect a Conficker infection

Even if the much touted massive 1st april virus infection was not so massive, Conficker continues to spread itself.

Conficker is an auto-installing virus if you didn't installed the MS08-067 patch; knowing if you have been infected is a bit hard, because the virus does its best to hide itself.

Luckily, the Conficker Working Group, has found a simple but smart way to know if you have been infected.

In fact, the virus blocks all the connections to the antivirus company websites. In this page, we can see a table, that contains some images, hosted on "generic" websites, and antivirus company websites:

  • If you can see all the images: YAY! You are not infected
  • If you cannot see the three images at top: you have Conficker C (or higher version)
  • If you cannot see F-secure and Trend-micro logos: you have Conficker A or B
  • If you cannot see any image... your browser is set to don't show any images