How to speed up the PSP internet browser

Have you ever tried the PSP internet browser? Slow, limited and without a decent input method, is useless. Almost every times, opening an "average" website, the browser says "Insufficient memory to open the page". This also happens with the newer PSP-2000, besides it has a double amount of RAM. Moreover, the maximum cache memory is just 2mb! 2mb is enough only for a 1998-like internet browsing experience!

But now, thanks to the Netfront Internet Browser - HighMemoryMod patch, there will not be any memory problems! This loader loads the browser without the XMB, also enabling the extra unused ram on the PSP-2000!

Look what a speed boost!!

Video available in high definition, click on HQ

A noticeable boost!

Minimum requirements: a PSP-1000 or a PSP-2000 with a Custom Firmware, if your PSP has an Original Sony firmware, you must find a "Pandora" battery (soon i will publish an howto about this). The newer PSP-3000 are not supported because it is impossible to install a Custom Firmware on them. Also you must have a recent version of custom firmware. It has been confirmed that on version below 3.71 will not work. How to update the custom firmware.

How to install:

  1. Download the High Memory patch (source)
  2. Extract in x:\PSP\GAME\
  3. Load the program from the menu Games\Memory Stick

This program will not touch the system files, it just makes temporary changes in the RAM, use it without fear 

For any questions, feel free to ask in our forum

UPDATE: The P86 team has released a new version! (Nicer loading screen, and an exit menu)