Segway + General Motors = P.U.M.A.

What happens if the revolutionary (but expensive) Segway does an alliance with General Motors?

Segway, a company that have some economic problems for its (ex)revolutionary vehicle that had to revolute the urban traffic, but failed except for a sporadic use from governments.

A strange hybrid is born:


Wow, it looks useful and practical, expecially in the cities. It can reach 35 mph, with a 35 miles of autonomy. Fully electric, it should cost around a third of a standard car...

puma depends what General Motors is meaning with "standard car"... If a standard car is $15000, that means $5000, it is an interesting price point . But, since a "standard" segway it costs $10000, it is a bit impossible that the P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility project) will have a competitive price...


Let's hope that it will not be just a concept like the motorbike The Uno


Update: here is a video: