Posts From October, 2012

How to search apps in the Windows Store

Well, it might seems trivial, but there isn't a "search" button in the Windows 8 Windows Store, so it looks like you can't search for apps.

What to do? Just start to type with the keyboard, and the search box will appear.

Cheat Alitalia and then complain if the ticket is voided: is that right?

This weekend there was a bug on the Japanese website of the Italian airline company Alitalia. They intended to give a 25000 yen discount on Japan=>Italy flights, but, for an error, the promo code could be redeemed on every flight, using an additional 25% discount. So, for example you could get a free ticket from Europe to Abu Dhabi or Caracas.

I'm reading comments left on a forum: there is someone, maliciously, went on the japanese website, redeemed a code for japanese flights and bought stole SEVEN tickets from Milan to Caracas.

There is no good faith in this: people deliberately used this trick to get stuff for free.

And it's ridiculous to read on the official Facebook pages comments like "It's unfair that my four free tickets for Abu Dhabi have been canceled!"

Of course, I'd also love to go for free at Timbuktu with a stopover in Sydney, but here is not a "price tag" error, the tickets have been booked in bad faith, and I really hope that all of them will be canceled.


Alitalia decided to honor all tickets that had a credit card transaction! Oh my god, who used this promotion is so lucky, I envy them a lot, hahaha.