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Datel defeats Sony? PSP reverse-engineered?

As many PSP users know, Sony is a little bit “bad” (to use an euphemism) regard the homebrew software world. Soon after every custom firmware or exploit, Sony immediately releases a new, useless, firmware update.

And, for now, both the PSP-3000 and then PSPgo, there aren’t “definitive” exploits, as the mighty pandora. So, the things are not so interesting, ad the users are forced to use “temporary exploits” as the latest TIFF+HEN, that is not easy to use, and it is also easy to defeat with a system software update…

But, suddenly, the wagic team blog writes that Datel, the famous action replay maker, has just made the universal action replay!

The previous action replay for the PSP, was a simple pandora battery with a special loader… not so exciting…

But, this time, it looks like that the Sony authenticity check has been fooled!!!

It looks like that those genius at Datel has reverse-engineered the code-signing of PSP games! (That means: their unofficial program is recognized as an official Sony update!)

This discovery will be fixed with the new System Update 6.30? Or Sony has definitely lost the war? If that… PSPgo… I'm coming!