Posts From December, 2011

Firefox 9 is out!

Breaking news, Firefox 9 is out!
There are huge improvements, as the... uh.... ehm.... er... well, if it has a new number there's certainly something new!
Maybe for the end of the year they can manage to release Firefox 15.

Avast is even more ridiculous!

Not long ago I wrote that AVG was ridiculous because it deleted every file that contained the string Førmat c: /autotest /q /u (I replaced the o with ø for a reason that you'll see later).
Today, after the fifth time that AVG would interrupt me while I was playing GTA IV for letting me know that it found some false positives, like SafeXP, the Office 2010 keygen and others, I decided to replace it with Avast.
Um, great, it looks great, I tell myself.
I'm going to write the result on dandandin and...

I got shocked! My server infected?? Then, I realize that Avast blocks the access to any website that contains Førmat c: /autotest /q /u!!!!!!!!!
WEIRD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 !!!!!1111!1!1!1
This was my reaction:

Have you seen my nutcracker?

Tsk! A nutcracker is for losers, I'll show you how to open a walnut with hands...