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Vintage Japanese Advertisements

While surfing the net, I found an interesting showreel from the japanese Shirogumi studio. This movie contains a selection of their best advertisemens from the '80s, to show to their investors and customers.

I find it very interesting and astounding: if today is normal to see CG effects in almost every video, at that time it was not normal, except for big movie budgets.

This is the video:

A good reason to go in Japan: the TOYLET

This is a very good reason to go in Japan: the SEGA Toylet!


Why stop to play when you have "other" needs?

Finally, urinating is no more a boring task!


With two different sensors, an infrared one and a microphone to hear the "dripping", there are many different games, for measuring your "aim", "power", "speed"


Available in some Tokyo bars, I bet that the water bottle sales will skyrocket

I can see a long line for the male washroom...


Let's hope for an "home" edition?


The Nintendo 3DS is coming out next month, this is THE REASON to buy it:

More info, in Japanese, on the official website (with epic soundtrack)

Let's hope in an English translation

No more "likes" or "comment" on Facebook!

Today, in a totally surprising move, I discovered that Facebook removed the "like" and "comment" buttons on links posted by friends

This is the result: (Italian language, but it should be the same in other languages)

Facebook FAIL


From years we, users, we are asking for a "dislike", and now you take away also the "like"? DISLIKEEEEE

Commenting friends' link on the end of my day was a funny task....

Let's hope just for a "temporary error"...

Update: It looks only the links inside the Facebook natwork are without "like" and "comment"... anyway, I don't like