Posts From March, 2012

Nowadays, springs are so expensive...

At job I bought a Xerox Phaser printer, and it's not bad. That printer has an optional kit to that enables to take extra thick media. Cool, I say, and I order it. I open the box, that is a normal dvd case, and the content is this:

The kit it's just a cheap spring???????

Before that I tell you how much this spring is sold, let's do a survey: How much this spring is sold for?

After answering the survey, you can see the price on the official Xerox price list.

Learn Japanese Colors with my Android App!

Remember my BlackBerry app to learn the Japanese Colors? I have submitted it to the App World, but it hasn't been approved yet. Maybe RIM it's still busy approving the thousands of PlayBook apps that has been submitted last month to get a free developer device.

Meanwhile I ported it to Android and published on the Android Market Google Play. It's an easy game, but it's lightweight and I think that in a few minutes you will know the most common Japanese Colors.

Get it on Google Play

Ps: did I mention that it's free?

The Android Market now is Google Play!

I bought an app on the Android Market and I got this message:

They changed the name in order to sell music, movies and books (of course those three are not available in my country). I don't like the new name, I preferred Android Market...

Japanese colors for BlackBerry

For my upcoming japanese course, I created an app for memorizing the most common japanese colors.

(Tweet says: Who has a BlackBerry? There's an app for you!)

(Tweet says: BlackBerry? Nobody ^_~)

The app is not available on App World, due to some bugs, it's in private beta, just contact me to have it.

Fun facts:

  • It was working on BB OS 6, crashed on BB OS 5
  • Edited to work BB OS 5, crashes on BB OS 6
  • The back button does not work (possible fix)
  • Japanese words had to be romanized because BlackBerry OS does not support asian characters...
  • I used an "iPhoney" style for the user interface, because the default one looks so 2006...