Posts From June, 2009

Only 2 months left to grab a free (preview) copy of Windows 7! Get it now!

In the end has been confirmed by the Windows team blog: you can download the Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 for free only until 15th august 2009. What are you doing? Download Windows 7 now! The interface has been rewrote from scratch, and is more functional than ever!

The free RC1 is usable until march 2010.

Finally Sony is dropping the Memory Stick!

A reason not to buy a Sony product, is absolutely the Memory Stick. In our homes, there is certainly an SD card floating around, from cellphone, digital camera, even the Wii. Instead, the memory sticks are expensive and nothing except Sony products can use them.

A Memory Stick is ABSOLUTELY more expensive. Here is a comparison on a 16 GB card, from the same manufacturer (Sandisk):

Name Price
microSD 16 GB 66 euro
Memory Stick Micro M2 16 GB 90 euro

Paying 24 euro more for essentially the same product! Who will pay a "36% Sony tax"??

So, the great idea to lock Sony users with the Memory Sticks, has proven to be not so good: it renders the product less appealing!

Recently, on new cellphones, and on expensive cameras, Sony chose to use "standard" formats. (microSD for mobiles, compact flash for D-SLRs). Now they confirmed it!

The next step? As Engadget says, they could kill the UMD. Oops, they already did it 

Another new exploit on the Wii! This time is from Super Smash Bros.!

A few weeks ago, the Team Twiizers released the Twilight hack source code, the bug in the savegame data file in the Zelda Twilight Princess game that enabled the installation of the Homebrew Channel on every Wii out there, and, until last month, was the only way to run homebrew.

Releasing the source was a good idea?

Absolutely! Here is another bug found in Super Smash Bros. Melee, from the same team behind the BannerBomb exploit.

Here is the video:

The exploit will be released shortly, and it should be impossible to patch for Nintendo, as it is a bug in the level editor, and not in the savegame data. (The way of fighting the Twilight Hack for Nintendo is automatically delete it from the internal memory... they did not correct anything... they cannot patch a game on-the-fly as in the PS3 or the Xbox360

For who is not willing to wait, is available the good Bannerbomb, better in my opinion, as is not required to have Super Smash Bros. Melee