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Wow, Creative is so... creative

Creative is about to launch their new Zii, a video+mp3 player, this is a preview sketch from the FCC:

Creative Zii

Uhm... where i saw this design? It looks so similar... to a mobile on sale from some time... let's try to merge the drawings:

Zii vs iPhone

Creative Zii in red, Apple iPhone in blue

So cool! The Zii is almost compatible with iPhone covers! What a smart move! It's a pity that they placed the camera in the wrong place... it's a matter of millimeters, otherwise they could write on the box: "New! Compatible with Apple iPhone covers!"

Also, the logo looks similar to another logo... and the name also is similar; Zii... Zii... it resembles another name, become famous 2-3 years ago:

Zii vs Wii

Wow, Creative has been so... creative!