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Achievement Unlocked template for Final Cut Pro X

Yesterday I was making a video, showing Sony, Capcom, SEGA, Tomy, etc.. addresses, so I thought it would be funny if I added a small title "Achievement Unlocked" once I shown the address on the map.

I made a title template to be used with Final Cut Pro X. 

You can see an example of its use in this video.

Unfortunately, there is a little problem. It looks like it's not possible to insert sound effects in a Final Cut Pro X title or generator, so you should insert the Achievement Unlocked "ding" manually. The mp3 is included in the zip, you just have to insert when the title is displayed.

Download it now

Copy it  in /Users/yourname/Movies/Motion Templates.localized/Titles.localized

For a better effect you should use the font used by Microsoft in the XBOX: Convection Regular. There are two ways to get it. One is buy it for $49. The other way is...