Posts From September, 2013

Configure Windows clock to work better with OS X or Linux

All computers have an internal clock on the motherboard. The clock is very simple and has no support for time zones.

Windows assumes that it's the local time. If it's 12:30, it assumes that it's 12:30 in your time zone.

The rest of the operating systems instead assumes that the time is in Coordinated Universal Time, which is definitely a much better choice: knowing that this is a standard, is a breeze to change time zone or daylight saving time change.

For example, if you have two Windows on the same computer, both have no way of knowing whether the DST is set, then would both change the time for DST, causing endless problems. However, if the base is UTC time, there is no way to be wrong; = UTC +2 Daylight Saving Time, Standard Time = UTC +1

So, we set Windows to use UTC as the time base:

We can create a new text file with Notepad and write this text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


after saving, change the file extension to. reg and run it. That's it!

Or you can use Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation and create a new 32 bit DWORD entry called RealTimeIsUniversal and set it to 1

Otherwise, you can download the REG file that I created for you

iMovie reduces the quality of the video

I did some shooting in HD and I edited it with ease with iMovie '11.

Once I edited my video, I exported it and I was shocked: lots of compression artifacts, terrible to watch in HD! In the shadows, the faces of people, there were those huge ugly pixels.

How the hell is this possible??

I went immediately to see the original recordings, and those artifacts were not present. So I went to see the files that iMovie creates as intermediaries for faster processing, and those were perfect.

So, I think, I've chosen a low compression bitrate. I choose an absurdly high bitrate and I got with a 1 gigabyte-per-minute video. With the usual compression artifacts.

Out of curiosity I import the project in Final Cut Pro X, and export it with the same settings

I get a small file, without those ugly compression artifacts.

Here is a comparison of the same frame with the same export settings from iMovie and Final Cut Pro X:

Here is the original video

My conclusion is that iMovie intentionally reduces the quality of exported video to avoid a professional use...

Be careful about iMessage for Android

A few days ago in Google Play appeared iMessage for Android.

It's not a fake app, it actually works: the problem is how it works.

Since Apple doesn't allow chat between other brands' devices, messages are sent to a Mac Mini located in China, and then sent to the final destination.

The app is free and doesn't show any ads. They don't have a way to make money from this app, yet this "Daniel Zweigart" pays at least $100/month to house his Mac Mini in an internet datacenter: how he could pay for it?

There are two ways:

  1. he is a philantropist and does it for the glory
  2. it's a smart way to steal your Apple ID

Now, if your Apple ID, is "fake" like mine, registered without a credit card just for downloading the free single of the week from iTunes, there are no problems.

If your Apple ID is real, stealing the password leads to problems like those:

  • They can buy apps for thousands of dollars, especially if those apps are made by their "friends"
  • They can see all your iPhone photos
  • They can block your iPhone just for fun, making a nice $600 decoration for your shelf
  • They can reset your iPhone, losing all your data
  • They can delete all your data from your Mac, as happened to that Wired journalist who lost years of personal photos
  • They can see your passwords if you were crazy enough to sync the keychain on the cloud
  • They can see your iWork documents, if you saved on the cloud
  • They can send spam to your iMessage friends
  • They can impersonate yourself and scam your iMessage friends
  • and so on...


Ps: works perfectly on BlackBerry 10, but it's not available on BlackBerry World. If you want to download it, connect your Google Play account on

How to restore the "classical" new tab page on Google Chrome

If you are using the Google Chrome, you probably have noticed the new home page, with an huge Google logo, an useless and redundant search bar that just searches in the address bar and the most visited websites reduced to 8 smallish icons at the bottom of the page.

If I wanted as my homepage, I would have just set it up!

In the latest updates, they already hid all the extensions under a submenu (hint: move on the side, you can widen the bar and show them again), now they remove the most used feature in their browser?

Are they trying to ruin it?

Luckily there is a way to restore it to its classical style.

Just go on chrome://flags and search for a setting called "Extended Instant API". Disable it, scroll at the bottom of the page and press save. Chrome will restart and everything would work as before.