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How to use WhatsApp web on Firefox

Update: They changed something, right now Firefox works natively, no need to spoof the user agent anymore

Old article left for reference

As you might know, WhatsApp Web works only on Google Chrome... or that what they want us to believe! I don't know if they put such a limitation after some "money incentive" from Google, or just because they don't have enough funds to do testing on Firefox (I can understand this, they were valued just 20 billion dollars).

The truth is that on Firefox it will work very well, this is how to enable it:

First of all, download UAControl.

Install it and restart Firefox. Then search "chrome user agent" on Google and click on the first result. Copy the user agent (which is a browser identifying string). Then go to UAControl and add Chrome user agent for the address ""

Voilà! Magically, now WhatsApp Web works also on Firefox!

After pairing:

Notifications are working also:

What's weird is that if I go to see on my BlackBerry Z10, WhatsApp says that's connected to Firefox!!!

Be careful about iMessage for Android

A few days ago in Google Play appeared iMessage for Android.

It's not a fake app, it actually works: the problem is how it works.

Since Apple doesn't allow chat between other brands' devices, messages are sent to a Mac Mini located in China, and then sent to the final destination.

The app is free and doesn't show any ads. They don't have a way to make money from this app, yet this "Daniel Zweigart" pays at least $100/month to house his Mac Mini in an internet datacenter: how he could pay for it?

There are two ways:

  1. he is a philantropist and does it for the glory
  2. it's a smart way to steal your Apple ID

Now, if your Apple ID, is "fake" like mine, registered without a credit card just for downloading the free single of the week from iTunes, there are no problems.

If your Apple ID is real, stealing the password leads to problems like those:

  • They can buy apps for thousands of dollars, especially if those apps are made by their "friends"
  • They can see all your iPhone photos
  • They can block your iPhone just for fun, making a nice $600 decoration for your shelf
  • They can reset your iPhone, losing all your data
  • They can delete all your data from your Mac, as happened to that Wired journalist who lost years of personal photos
  • They can see your passwords if you were crazy enough to sync the keychain on the cloud
  • They can see your iWork documents, if you saved on the cloud
  • They can send spam to your iMessage friends
  • They can impersonate yourself and scam your iMessage friends
  • and so on...


Ps: works perfectly on BlackBerry 10, but it's not available on BlackBerry World. If you want to download it, connect your Google Play account on

How to download Whatsapp for PC

On Facebook I see this scam advertising everyday, by clicking you can download Whatsapp for PC: how does it work?

The advertising is a scam: when you click it, a new windows will open and will ask to subscribe to a very expensive ringtone service. Once done that, we get the instructions page: the famous "Whatsapp per PC" it's just, an Android emulator.

In this way, you get a new emulated Android phone on your PC: you can chat with Whatsapp, but the app on your phone will be disabled! (fonte)

There is another way to get Whatsapp on a PC?

If your account is old, there is, it's Wassapp, it's an unofficial client made by Waninoko, an (ex) Wii hacker.

Do you know your username? It's your phone number; the password is the wifi MAC address if you use an iPhone or the IMEI code if you use  an Android smartphone. (If your account is new, the password is randomly generated)

Now, this is the main reason to stop using Whatsapp: the username is your phone number, everybody knows it. The password is the IMEI, easy to find by dialing *#06#. This means if you lend the phone to your friend, he could find your Whatsapp credentials and be able to read and send message in your name, easily, from his home PC!!!


How to get your phone stolen online

(and meanwhile get your PayPal account wiped)

Last week I got another BlackBerry Z10 as a gift. Since I already own one, I put it on sale on a craigslist equivalent for my country.

Just after seven minutes I got an email! With much excitement I open it:

It comes from "g.....a.g.....n.....e...r....[email protected]" (uhm... what's this address? On gmail dots are ignored, it has been edited this way to avoid searching on Google, the real address is [email protected]) and it says "I am interested to that phone, it's still on sale?"

I answer from my disposable email account: "Of course it's still on sale, I posted it less than 10 minutes ago"

I get immediately a response (from a different email, [email protected]) he says he is an Italian but for work reasons he is temporarily located in Abidjan, and he needs my Z10 so badly to happily pay 100 euro more than my asking price, if I can send it immediately via ITALIAN POSTAL SERVICE.

This is the proof that the guy isn't an Italian, otherwise he would have NEVER asked to rely on the ITALIAN POSTAL SERVICE to deliver such an expensive and fragile item! wink

However, I answer "sure, send money to this email, and I will send the phone immediately"

Just a few seconds later I get a phishing email from [email protected] (I guess PayPal is cutting on budget, can't afford professional email, must use the free yahoo mail) written in bad Italian: money is arrived, if I click and insert my PayPal password, I will receive the money. wink

Super cool! In this way the scammer gets my phone for free and at the same time he steals my PayPal password, for having a free shopping spree!

So, I click the fake link in the fake email, and I get a fake site where, inserting my fake email with a fake password like "omgimdumb", I see that the fake payment has been credited on my fake account, cool!

I answer "Whoa, that's a fast payment! I send it quickly via italian postal service, it will arrive very fast, I'm sure about it."

Not understanding my irony, he answers me "Thank you! Send it to:

ZIP code:12 BP 2479
Country: Ivory Coast
TEL: +225 66751492

I answer him: Wait for it impatiently, will arrive very soon

How to install Android apps on BlackBerry 10

demoIf you have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, as the Z10 or the Q10, sometimes you will miss some app: the platform is very new, so, except for super popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, or similar, there is some deficiency.

In the long run the problem will be "fixed", since on BB10 apps can be programmed using almost any programming language, giving "easy life" to app developers, but in the short run we can feel something missing, what to do?

Luckily, inside the operating system there is an Android 2.3 simulator (it will be updated to "Jelly Bean" in a few months)

Can we install an app we like on it?

Of course!

There are some limitations, there are some kinds of apps that wont work, as for example:

  • Apps that access to Google account without asking a password (e.g: Gmail, Google+, apps that check your Google Play account for anti-piracy purposes)
  • Apps that manage phonebook and/or SMS
  • Launchers (you can install them, but, if you do that, you will lose the wonderful BB10 multitasking on Android apps)
  • Widget and live wallpapers (because without a launcher are useless)
  • Apps that manage network and APNs
  • Apps that contain more thans one app (for example the latest versions of Google Maps, contain 4 apps)
  • Apps that embeds a Google Maps view (unless you install Google Maps)
  • Apps that install or uninstall other apps
  • Apps that use the direct audio access (Skype, Shazam, Videogames)

An average app will work, for games the compatibility is low, but you can try, it's free wink

First: find the APK of the Android app

If you have a phone/tablet with Android you can use ES File Explorer to get it. Or you can use BlueStacks, there are dozens of ways, we can discuss them on the forum.

Second: convert the Android APK in a BlackBerry 10 BAR

For converting your app you can follow the long path, register as a developer, install a boatload of commandline programs and swear for a whole weekend, or you can just use the automatic service offered by

Yes, just upload your APK on and in a few minutes you will have a BAR, ready to be installed laugh

Third: enable developing mode

Open settings and select "Security and privacy"

Now, select "Development Mode"

Enable "Use Developing Mode"

Now you will be forced to set a password for your deice: in fact, when the developing mode is enabled, you can add, launch, terminate, "spy" the app, the browser, and, in some cases, change their behaviour: if it would be possible to enable it without a password, it would be dangerous.

Fourth: install your BAR

Once you enabled the development mode, you can install all the apps you want.

Install this Chrome extension, write the IP address of your device in the options (if you don't know it, follow this guide) then access it by browsing to the address https://ip.address/  (remember to write the S after http)

Write your password, now you can install all the BARs you want!

If I wasn't clear enough, let's discuss it on the forum.

How to sync Keepass with BlackBerry 10 using Dropbox

Do you use KeePass and have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone?

Do you know that you can automatically sync the passwords database with your computer via Dropbox?

How to do that?

You need:

  1. KPD, it's a slightly edited version of KeePassDroid (GPL source here)
  2. OI File Manager, it's a file manager that integrates with many Android apps like KPD/KeePassDroid
  3. A BlackBerry 10 smartphone

And then it's a piece of cake!

  1. Put your KeePass database in a Dropbox folder
  2. Open KPD and tap the "open folder" icon
  3. OI File Manager will open
  4. Now, click on the top, on the "home" icon, on the left of the SD card icon
  5. Browse to ACCOUNTS, then 1000, and then SHARED
  6. Inside there is our Dropbox folder: the system-level integration will download the file when needed, uploading edits, if needed.
  7. If you want to have offline access to the database, you just have to open the BlackBerry file manager, select the database in the Dropbox folder, long-press it, and "star" it: in this way it will be automatically synced in the background, over Wi-Fi and also via 3G, if you enabled it in the settings.

I am getting used to the Metro UI

I said that I hated the new Windows 8 and Windows Phone interface, but now I am getting used to it, and I am liking it, I even installed a themed launcher on my HTC Android.

Launcher8 it's great, free and it perfectly merges with Android, its live wallpapers and widgets, I find it much more intuitive. It already has themed icons and you can customize in every way:



How long does a smartphone battery last?

It's 10 am and after receiving a long phone call (15 minutes) I'm just with 46% of battery left. At 10 am. Just three hours after disconnecting it from the charger, I'm with less than a full charge.

On the left there is the battery stats from Battery Eta. If you don't count Sunday ("Domenica" - I went to the beach and I left the phone charging the whole day), the average duration is disappointing... 12 hours. It means that if during lunch break I forget to charge my phone, after dinner the phone is dead.

It's the battery? No, it always behaved like that. Tthis phone (T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide), when is not in a good reception area (see the screenshot, I only have one bar), increases the transmission power to a ludicrous level, eating battery like hot cakes.

In optimal conditions it lasts about 48 hours, but I would have to move in a new house, so it's not a good solution.

I could disable the Gmail push mail, but at that point I could carry a cheap dumbphone with infinite battery.

How long does the battery last to you? I'm curious to know if I'm just an isolated case or it's normal that nowadays a phone have to last just half day.

Microsoft puts Windows Phone in a corner

A while ago, Microsoft released Halo Waypoint, an app to follow the latest news from the Halo World.

For promoting it, they placed on the official website this image (already replaced):

I don't know what you think about it, but I find it very hilarious!

Have you ever seen a company that places their own phone with competitors phones, keeping it in a corner, half hidden, maybe too shy for a direct match, with the competitor names written in a BIG WHITE font, and their "Windows Phone 7" in grey, much smaller, as a remind to its lesser success??

Of course, after that someone let them know the problem, they switched the image with an inverted one, but it's still a big gaffe.

I'll continue to criticize: when the Nokia Lumia 900 was launched, there were rumours about the upgrade path to Windows Phone 8. Current devices won't be upgradable, the rumor said.

Of course if it was true, the sales of the Nokia Lumia would have been hurted a lot, so, Microsoft promptly denied the rumour, promising the upgrade.

What happened last week? Windows Phone 8 was announced and the upgrade won't be available.

A great way to thank faithful customers, right?

Japanese colors for BlackBerry

For my upcoming japanese course, I created an app for memorizing the most common japanese colors.

(Tweet says: Who has a BlackBerry? There's an app for you!)

(Tweet says: BlackBerry? Nobody ^_~)

The app is not available on App World, due to some bugs, it's in private beta, just contact me to have it.

Fun facts:

  • It was working on BB OS 6, crashed on BB OS 5
  • Edited to work BB OS 5, crashes on BB OS 6
  • The back button does not work (possible fix)
  • Japanese words had to be romanized because BlackBerry OS does not support asian characters...
  • I used an "iPhoney" style for the user interface, because the default one looks so 2006...
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