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How to force the classic download manager on Firefox 20

Yay, a new Firefox version is out, with many, exciting features:

  1. Private browsing mode now works as it should, as Chrome was doing back in 2008
  2. There is a new download manager

Personally, I hate the new download manager, it's mixed in the Library, with browsing history, bookmarks: I hate it. What to do?A me il nuovo download manager, mischiato con la libreria dei preferiti la cronologia, non piace per niente. Come facciamo?

Easy, I found the solution here:

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Type about:config, then press Enter.
  3. Paste the following into the search field:
  4. Under the Value field, right-click false and then click Toggle. That should set the Value to "true."
  5. Restart Firefox.

How to create stunning HTML5 animations without a serious effort

I found a Windows software to create HTML5 animations (but also GIF/Flash) without a serious effort.

This is the result of 60 seconds of playing around:

The program it's Hippo Animator, it's not free, but it absolutely deserves to be bought if you are gonna do simple animations smiley

Install the Android SDK in Windows FLP

Just for fun, I tried to install the Android SDK in Windows FLP (Fundamentals for Legacy PCs) that's a "secret" stripped down Windows XP version optimized for slow computers.

If you try to install the Android SDK on Windows FLP, you will get an error like "can't find a suitable Java JDK, or can't find Java SDK in your path, even if you installed it, making it impossible to download vital files.

At the first check, the one during the setup, just press "back" and then "next" again, and you can pass the check, but at the second one, there is not an evident workaround... let's find it!

The second check runs the content of C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\tools\lib\find_java.bat , so, if you open it, you can see which command will cause an error:

%java_exe% -version 2>nul

In this command the output is redirected on the null device, that means: if the command does not give an error, it is not shown to the user.

The problem is that on Windows FLP the null device is not implemented, so the command returns an error, letting the batch fil misinterpretate the detection.

So, if you delete 2>nul, the Android SDK will work great!

Now, if I could manage to let Titanium Studio recognize the SDK...

Will Skype change its name?

I'm sure that you heard about that today Microsft bought Skype for an hefty price.

My question is: how will they change the name of Skype?

I bet on "Microsoft Windows Live Text Audio and Video Calling United Platform Ultimate Edition 2012 Service Pack 2 with Bing Toolbar"

Here's what would have happened if Microsoft marketed the iPod:

Remove the OpenOffice folder icon from the start menu

Gosh, if there is something that I hate about OpenOffice, is that their evil programmers decided to override the standard behaviour of the programs, changing the icon of the program folder in the start menu. How THEY dare to do this to MY computer without my permission???

If every program would change the folder icon, can you imagine what kind of a mess will become the start menu? Hundreds of different icons that will disturb my vision.

Luckily, removing the icon is trivial, just go in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\\ and delete desktop.ini, an hidden system file. Since it is an hidden system file, for most users it will not be visible.

So, for restore the icon what we could do? Just right click on the folder icon, select properties, and then select the personalize tab, button change icon on the bottom left, and then "Restore".

That's it! Finally our start menu is clean and tidy


However, this bad behaviour has proven useful to me once: it helped me to discover a virus. I could not see the desktop.ini fille, even if I chose to show hidden and system files... weird! A quick check, and I found a virus that dodged the Norton protection! Thank you!

Bye Bye Skype for Windows Mobile

Many websites are reporting that Skype for Windows Mobile has disappeared from skype website.

Skype says:

Unfortunately, Skype Lite – a version of Skype for your mobile phone – and Skype for Windows Mobile are no longer available for download from our site.

We’ve chosen to withdraw Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile because we want to offer our new customers an improved mobile experience – much like the version that has proved so popular on the iPhone, and which is now available on Symbian phones. Our focus is on providing a rich user experience that allows you to enjoy free Skype-to-Skype and low cost calls as easily on the move as you do at your desktop.

We felt that Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile were not offering the best possible Skype experience.

Maybe they saw that fring and nimbuzz are way better, using a more efficient network protocol?

But what if they fail to deliver the new version? What if the new version is not compatible with older Windows Mobile handsets? The old skype version was compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 onwards, i highly doubt that the new one will do the same.

What if you want to download it? Easy, the new website will help you!

Go here to download:

The nice guys at Autodesk

I am sure that many readers knows Autodesk.
With their AutoCAD, they monopolized the CAD market, also using tactics like "buy-competitors-and-close-them". Every year they do a new version of AutoCAD, with invisible differences between them, except for the save file format, designed to be not retro-compatible. The update price it is a great deal, just 780 euro (source). Moreover, if you have a full version, you are practically forced to buy an update every 2 years, otherwise you won't be entitled to get the "discount" on the update.

Then, AutoCAD is not available on Macs, because, the price is just 5640 euro for a single-user licence, it is not worthy to do a Mac version: if you can pay 5640 for a license, you can buy a dedicated PC. However, they have several versions of AutoCAD on sale, mechanical, architectural, but the main versions are two:

  • "Full" AutoCAD, just for 5640 euro (source)
  • Autocad LT, a "light" version, for this reason it is sold for the bargain price of just 1581 euro (source)

The differences between the two AutoCAD are:

  1. 4059 euro on the price tag
  2. 3d drawings creation
  3. Inserting images

So, since for the 3d graphics, there are better softwares, like 3ds max (still bought from Autodesk) o the free Google Sketchup, the only true difference is the possibility to insert images! Yes, you didn't misunderstood! A 2009 software, sold for 1581 euro, cannot import images! Even the most freeware of the freewares, or the most outdated of the WYSIWYG editors can insert images! Even MacWrite from 1984 could handled images.

So, a German firm had an idea: LT Extender, a plugin for Autocad LT, that enabled an "insert images" option  . This plugin was on sale from 2002, and was sold as an "authorized plugin". Of course it had some success .

Recently, since i own a genuine license of AutoCAD, i received an e-mail from Autodesk (click here to read), that, briefly says:

  1. They sued the programmer of LT Extender
  2. They won and they also got the customers portfolio of the German firm
  3. If you bought LT Extender, and they can prove it, you have 60 days to pay 4338 euro and buying a full AutoCAD version with a 30% discount, otherwise they will sue you for copyright violation

Really!!! It says: (in Italian; i cannot find the Legalese text in English, translating in Plain English is senseless)

Gli utenti privati nonché le aziende, i cui collaboratori abbiano utilizzato LT Extender, hanno l'obbligo di rimozione (cancellazione di LT Extender), cessazione e risarcimento danni. Gli amministratori di tali aziende rispondono a titolo personale. Inoltre, l'uso non autorizzato di opere protette dal diritto d'autore è legalmente perseguibile.

Weird!! Why sue the customer??? I agree that Autodesk is entitled to a compensation from LT Extender, but why the customer, that has gave to Autodesk 1581 euro + 780 euro every year for updates, must pay a compensation????