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The safe saw 

Posted by Magnetic_dud Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1:16:14 PM Categories: Gadgets

This table saw is so groundbreaking!

Usually, what happens if you touch the spinning blade of a table saw? That your finger will be cut away

Forget that days! This blade is constantly monitored by an electronic circuit: when there is a variation on the conductivity of the material that we are cutting, DLANG! The circuit immediately stops the blade hiding it in a trapdoor in just a fraction of seconds!

Look at this video! Awesome!! Think, how many fingers can be saved by this technology!

Groundbreaking ways to spy people 

Posted by Magnetic_dud Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8:16:09 AM Categories: Gadgets Japan

Nowadays, is possible to hide a camera everywhere... but... where? The Japaneses are expert on placing them in weird places, those are their best solutions

If you see a normal ID card like this, what will you think?


In some occasions, it won't be noticed.... let's observe it closely::


There is an hidden camera in the D, and, for making it looking it normal, also the other D has a "black spot" for making it look normal... smart!

4 gb of memory, is on sale for just 13000 yen

But, outside of a work place, it looks suspicious, so this is solution #2:


A "quite" normal watch that...:


8 Gb and for just 10000 yen, can be yours.

But, honestly, taking pictures with a watch it is quite suspect.

The best solution is this:


A normal, common necktie that...


Has an hidden camera with a 4 gb memory!!

And for taking pictures, you use the remote control, keeping the hand in your pocket, nobody will notice


Also this camera is just 13000 yen... with such cheaper cameras... we should start to be diffident of anyone!

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