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No wonder that digital downloads sales aren't going well

I shot this photo a week before the official release of Assassin's Creed 3: you could preorder it the digital gold edition for just 130 euro ($170). What a bargain!! On Amazon you could preorder the boxed version for just $60 (now now $30), and you can lend it to friends, sell it, keep it on the shelf to gather dust, etc...

You might say "hey, that special $170 digital download gave the PS Vita version for free"

But on Amazon the PS Vita version was $40 , if you bought both the boxed edition you would still saved a lot of money, even if you splurged on the exclusive Assassin's Creed III Encyclopedia Edition, that includes a 384 pages hardcover book and a 208 pages graphic novel.

I believe that a digital download MUST be MUCH CHEAPER than the retail edition!

Let's go back to the Amazon Bluray edition that now you can get for $30. Remove the markup that Amazon is doing on it, marketing, distribution, printing, prepress, etc... how much money is Ubisoft getting? I would be surprised if they get more than $8.

Why, why, why, the digital download, must be sold at the same price level, if it doesn't have any upfront to the seller?

Live presentation of Windows 7 on Japanese TV

At a Japanese morning show, is presented a new Sony computer with touch screen monitor.

How will work the touchscreen?

Will this "tacchi paneru no monitaa" be truly revolutionary?

Let's see the video:

"uh, convenient, right? Here, open Google Earth, this gesture will magnify..."

This is how Sony plans to fix Geohot's exploit

I didn't write about latest Geohot's exploit on this Website (but I covered it on the Italian version of this Website). Essentially his exploit managed to trip the hypervisor and run unauthorized code and get full access to the console hardware.

This exploit was using the linux support feature, a feature that thousands of people are using, both for fun or research purposes. The PS3 doesn't have mush RAM available, only 256MB, but has a very powerful CPU, and it is used in many computer clustering solutions.

Also linux offers some illegal uses, like bluray disc copying, as you can just write dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img to have a copy

This feature has been arbitrarily removed on the newer PS3 slim, as Sony said "is not worth the hassle to maintain the hypervisor".

After that, Geohot found an unpatchable bug on the hypervisor, so, how to fix it?

He just found the key of the door, but nobody dared to open the door yet, but they want to keep it close, so they just announced  on their official blog that they will disable linux forever for everyone with the 1st april update!! (Note: it's not an april fool, they said)

It's like to evirate the entire male population of a country, to prevent a potential illness!

And they also have some humour: you can choose to don't get this update, but you will lose access to the Playstation Network, the latest games, and latest bluray movies.

That means that this exploit has potential! Sony knows it, doesn't have any clue on how to fix it, and it's scared

The war has begun! Geohot is angry about this decision, and will release soon a custom firmware to keep the OtherOS option in the menu

Look at this:

Don't upgrade, and wait for Geohot!