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New website

I created a new website on the main URL. Gradually I'll migrate content from here to there

New user registrations closed for a while due to a spam attack from China

Well, for now, new user registrations will be temporarily closed, due to a spam attack from China

Dandandin it's a place where the registration is not required to post in the forums, see links or other stuff that is very common to do somewhere else (how many times you saw the irritating "only registered members can see posted links" in an interesting page??), and, if you register, there are no check in the email or other stuff.

Unfortunately, this has been abused in the recent days, so new registrations are closed until I can find an effective captcha to distinguish real people from computers...


Will spammers force me to close the forums?

This morning I checked the email and I found that a lot of spam have been posted in the forums.

This is because I like the idea of "openness": why someone has to register to ask a question? So, the forums are open to anyone to write their thoughts... and bad people are exploiting this for promoting their websites...

Until now I was using subkismet as spam protection, I changed to reCAPTCHA, that's more difficult to read, but let's see if it is more effective