Install the Android SDK in Windows FLP

Just for fun, I tried to install the Android SDK in Windows FLP (Fundamentals for Legacy PCs) that's a "secret" stripped down Windows XP version optimized for slow computers.

If you try to install the Android SDK on Windows FLP, you will get an error like "can't find a suitable Java JDK, or can't find Java SDK in your path, even if you installed it, making it impossible to download vital files.

At the first check, the one during the setup, just press "back" and then "next" again, and you can pass the check, but at the second one, there is not an evident workaround... let's find it!

The second check runs the content of C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\tools\lib\find_java.bat , so, if you open it, you can see which command will cause an error:

%java_exe% -version 2>nul

In this command the output is redirected on the null device, that means: if the command does not give an error, it is not shown to the user.

The problem is that on Windows FLP the null device is not implemented, so the command returns an error, letting the batch fil misinterpretate the detection.

So, if you delete 2>nul, the Android SDK will work great!

Now, if I could manage to let Titanium Studio recognize the SDK...

Will Skype change its name?

I'm sure that you heard about that today Microsft bought Skype for an hefty price.

My question is: how will they change the name of Skype?

I bet on "Microsoft Windows Live Text Audio and Video Calling United Platform Ultimate Edition 2012 Service Pack 2 with Bing Toolbar"

Here's what would have happened if Microsoft marketed the iPod:

Will spammers force me to close the forums?

This morning I checked the email and I found that a lot of spam have been posted in the forums.

This is because I like the idea of "openness": why someone has to register to ask a question? So, the forums are open to anyone to write their thoughts... and bad people are exploiting this for promoting their websites...

Until now I was using subkismet as spam protection, I changed to reCAPTCHA, that's more difficult to read, but let's see if it is more effective 

When piracy means a lost sale

Many developers thinks that a pirated copy of their app means a lost sale.

Actually, it's not like that. People have various reasons for pirating an app, for example trying them just for fun.

In fact, in most cases, a very few people will do a very long search on the net to get a $1 application for free.

In my opinion, if an app has an high piracy/sales ratio, it means that for "honest" customers, the product does not offer the right appeal, and for pirates it's just a trial, that means, they still won't buy your $1 app - it's not a lost sale.

The perfect example it's Walk and Text for Android, an app for texting while walking: it just displays the camera on the screen while walking; nothing exceptional here. To be honest, I won't get such kind of useless app even if it's for free. So, "honest" people won't buy the app because they feel the uselessness; while compulsive pirates will download it just for showing to friends "hey, I can text and walk". If you watch it in another way, the pirate will spread the voice between friends. Every "heavy pirate" that I know, loves to show off the fact their hundreds of useless apps.

This means that, sometimes, piracy sometimes can lead to a sale.

But, if you act recklessly like the developer of Walk and Text for Android, that acts like a virus if cracking it's detected, you generate a lot of bad advertisement: "hey, that app will bill me $$$ if detects a crack, better avoid it like a skunk!

In this case, piracy really means a lost sale.

The unPrinter

Especially in offices and large corporations, every day are done thousands of "useless" printouts, as emails, drafts, internal memos, and so on. Documents that are mean to last less than one hour, but that must be printed to enhance productivity. But, using a new Japanese device it's possible to "delete" and "reprint" this papers, without using ink, toners or cartridges!

I am talking about the Sanwa Prepeat printer, it's a little bit pricey, about $6000, but can print on rewritable PET sheets. Sure, sheets are pricey too, $3 and are sold in 1000-sheets boxes, but if you consider that delete and rewrite can be done for free, for large corporations it can be convenient.

Jut take care to write on this expensive media using special felt tip markers and don't fold the sheets  

Here is the presentation video, in Japanese with English subtitles:

Italian Red Cross is C&Ding who links to their website

Everyone is aware about the damages that the tsunami wave in Japan did recently.

To help the Japanese population, the Italian division of put a link to the Italian Red Cross website.

Guess what? They got a C&D letter for using the Red Cross name without prior consent! 

LOL, people is paying hundreds to have a link on a PR5 page, and they call the lawyers to remove it!

Free advertisement becomes bad publicity

The disaster in Japan

To show how big was the huge tsunami that happened last friday in Japan, the New York Times has published an interactive page with aerial photos, where you can compare what happened after the tsunami in the cities of Ishinomaki, Natori, Sendai, Yuriage, Arahama.

The sight is terrible, and is available here:

Update: There's also a Picasa album with more shots, and a kml file to see the area with Google Earth.

Vintage Japanese Advertisements

While surfing the net, I found an interesting showreel from the japanese Shirogumi studio. This movie contains a selection of their best advertisemens from the '80s, to show to their investors and customers.

I find it very interesting and astounding: if today is normal to see CG effects in almost every video, at that time it was not normal, except for big movie budgets.

This is the video:

A good reason to go in Japan: the TOYLET

This is a very good reason to go in Japan: the SEGA Toylet!


Why stop to play when you have "other" needs?

Finally, urinating is no more a boring task!


With two different sensors, an infrared one and a microphone to hear the "dripping", there are many different games, for measuring your "aim", "power", "speed"


Available in some Tokyo bars, I bet that the water bottle sales will skyrocket

I can see a long line for the male washroom...


Let's hope for an "home" edition?


The Nintendo 3DS is coming out next month, this is THE REASON to buy it:

More info, in Japanese, on the official website (with epic soundtrack)

Let's hope in an English translation

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