No more "likes" or "comment" on Facebook!

Today, in a totally surprising move, I discovered that Facebook removed the "like" and "comment" buttons on links posted by friends

This is the result: (Italian language, but it should be the same in other languages)

Facebook FAIL


From years we, users, we are asking for a "dislike", and now you take away also the "like"? DISLIKEEEEE

Commenting friends' link on the end of my day was a funny task....

Let's hope just for a "temporary error"...

Update: It looks only the links inside the Facebook natwork are without "like" and "comment"... anyway, I don't like

How to know where is Santa?

Thanks to the NORAD (acronym for North American Aereospace Defence Command) and to Google, from this year you can just take Google Maps for mobile and search for "norad santa", to see where in the world is Santa right now: (shot from my italian mobile)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I'm back! New computer course!

As you might have noticed, recently I've been a little off the website. I was busy doing the new skin, then I had to move to a new server, teaching Japanese for free in the Italian section on this website, and so on, so I didn't had time to translate content from Italian.

But, an huge surprise for you! A survey on the Italian website said that a "from zero to hero" computer course will be appreciated.

So, here it is, in English, this time is out before the Italian

It is one of a long series - lesson 1: the keyboard:

I hope that you like it, please comment and vote

10 reasons to buy an iPad


well, actually I saw just one reason to buy an iPad, but I liked to write an article named "10 reasons to...", or "10 ways to..." 

Here it is:

$499 to let your cat have fun it's well worthy

And the cat is having fun! Great, we can save money on a cat-sitter!

It's great that the iPad display is scratch-proof!

This is how Sony plans to fix Geohot's exploit

I didn't write about latest Geohot's exploit on this Website (but I covered it on the Italian version of this Website). Essentially his exploit managed to trip the hypervisor and run unauthorized code and get full access to the console hardware.

This exploit was using the linux support feature, a feature that thousands of people are using, both for fun or research purposes. The PS3 doesn't have mush RAM available, only 256MB, but has a very powerful CPU, and it is used in many computer clustering solutions.

Also linux offers some illegal uses, like bluray disc copying, as you can just write dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img to have a copy

This feature has been arbitrarily removed on the newer PS3 slim, as Sony said "is not worth the hassle to maintain the hypervisor".

After that, Geohot found an unpatchable bug on the hypervisor, so, how to fix it?

He just found the key of the door, but nobody dared to open the door yet, but they want to keep it close, so they just announced  on their official blog that they will disable linux forever for everyone with the 1st april update!! (Note: it's not an april fool, they said)

It's like to evirate the entire male population of a country, to prevent a potential illness!

And they also have some humour: you can choose to don't get this update, but you will lose access to the Playstation Network, the latest games, and latest bluray movies.

That means that this exploit has potential! Sony knows it, doesn't have any clue on how to fix it, and it's scared

The war has begun! Geohot is angry about this decision, and will release soon a custom firmware to keep the OtherOS option in the menu

Look at this:

Don't upgrade, and wait for Geohot!

Bye Bye Microsoft Exchange

When I found preinstalled on my server Microsoft Exchange, I did not search for a better one, maybe because I'm lazy, maybe because it's the most trusted and used mail server in the world; for example Microsoft is using a fork of that for manage its hotmail, with 1.3 billions mail accounts, 3 billions of daily mail, 155 petabyte of storage (that's 155 million gigabytes!); and even Facebook uses Exchange (link in Italian - I could not find an English link) for its internal mail, even if the Facebook guys are for linux/opensource solutions.

So, I chose to use Exchange. And then I immediately regret my decision: the configuration it's a mess, and the user manual that it's a free download from Microsoft it's over 500 pages, and the default settings are less than ideal (It's so cool to be an open relay for spam, right?)

And what about options and functionality? It offers less than basic functions, unless you pay $$$ for third-party plugins. And its webmail works correctly only with Internet Explorer 6, etc...

So, yesterday I tried to disable it and replace with the most used opensource mail server:

Uso di ram

Wow! Less memory usage with more functionality!

Bye bye Exchange, I won't miss you!

Update: wow, after a few reboots and the complete uninstall, the memory usage has reduced in half!

New skin for!

As you can see, I recently changed the skin on, what do you think about?

I made a full size screenshot of the old screen, for a comparison: link

It's totally different, and I'm still tweaking it

Remove the OpenOffice folder icon from the start menu

Gosh, if there is something that I hate about OpenOffice, is that their evil programmers decided to override the standard behaviour of the programs, changing the icon of the program folder in the start menu. How THEY dare to do this to MY computer without my permission???

If every program would change the folder icon, can you imagine what kind of a mess will become the start menu? Hundreds of different icons that will disturb my vision.

Luckily, removing the icon is trivial, just go in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\\ and delete desktop.ini, an hidden system file. Since it is an hidden system file, for most users it will not be visible.

So, for restore the icon what we could do? Just right click on the folder icon, select properties, and then select the personalize tab, button change icon on the bottom left, and then "Restore".

That's it! Finally our start menu is clean and tidy


However, this bad behaviour has proven useful to me once: it helped me to discover a virus. I could not see the desktop.ini fille, even if I chose to show hidden and system files... weird! A quick check, and I found a virus that dodged the Norton protection! Thank you!

Nintendo 3DS!

With a surprise announcement, with just a brief PDF posted on the Japanese investor relationship Website, here is the Nintendo 3DS! (PDF link)

No pics for now, probably we should wait for June, it will be officially announced at the E3, but that brief document tells us that:

  1. It will be sold in march 2011 (in Japan)
  2. It will be retrocompatible with DS and DSi games
  3. It will have a camera (otherwise, how it could be DSi-compatible? )
  4. It will have two 3D screens, with no need of special glasses!!

Yes, you got it right, autostereoscopic 3D screens!!

It's the SHARP screens that I mentioned exactly one year ago (for a cool coincidence, it was my first post on!) about the new WOOO mobile.

Last time that Nintendo tried to make a 3D portable gaming console, the 1995 Virtual Boy, it was an epic failure, but this time? In my opinion it would rock!

Details like price and if it has a more powerful CPU are not yet revealed...

Remakes vs. The Karate Kid

When the Hollywood Majors see a chance to make money, they won't let it fly away, and what is the easiest way to do it? Do a remake: the story has already been written, it was already a success, risks are low, and profits are probably high, perfect!

If not for that feeling that every Hollywood remake is gonna be awful, why? Maybe just a prejudice?

By the way, cool, i just saw that there is the remake of The Karate Kid on the works. So cool, and I immediately went to watch the trailer:

What? The feeling that every remake is awful is not just a feeling?

So, they took The Karate Kid and removed:

  1. The Karate (Replaced by Kung Fu)
  2. Japan (The story is in China)
  3. Miyagi sensei (With Jackie Chan as Mr. Han)
  4. Daniel-san (With Will Smith's son that, dressed as a rapper is Dre - please note that Will Smith is also the movie producer)

Ok, the protagonist moves from a city to another, and is bullied, but it's a brand new movie! Why not choose "Kung Fu Kid"?

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