About respect

Today is valentine's day, it is all about love, so I give you this great thought about respecting others:

The audio is in English, but I provided closed captions, and, here is the transcript:

I believe in respecting others for who they are

My parents taught me how to be a polite person, when I was a little girl. I respected parents, teachers, relatives, friends and others in my life.

There was no doubt: my parents were the first teachers in my life. They told me, when you meet relatives in a party, you have to talk for first. For example, I said, “How are you?” for first instead that relatives said that. Moreover, you could not sit down until relatives sit down. When someone gave me a gift, I have to say, “Thank you”. When I made a mistake, I have to say “sorry”.

I remember once, I quarreled with my mother. My father said, “You can not speak loudly to your mother. Think what’s your mom took care of you for everything”. From then on, when I have troubles, I would like to talk with my parents. It would be an heart to heart talking. In addition, my father told me a famous Chinese story. The story is: “Long long time ago, His father has three children, a little boy is most smart. One day, his father bought one bag of pears to him and his brothers. His father gave him a big pear, The little boy said, “No, no. A big pears should give parents, I pick small one that would be fine”. I remember this story until now.
I respect friends. Over time, I made a friend who told me a secret. I never told her secrets to others, because I respected her and I respected her privacy. We kept relationships for twelve years. Once, I asked her a question. “Why have you told me many secrets?” She said, “I trust you”. She asked me, “Why did you never tell another person about my secrets?” I said, “I respect you”.

I respect old people, children, colleagues and customers. In China, taking a bus is very convenient for students as they go to school. When I saw old people and children in the bus, I would get out of my seat to give it them. I did a part time job in China. I respected my colleagues, when we did a good job in teamwork. In addition, I respected my customers. The manager said, “Customers are god”. I learnt to respect customers. They would feel that my service was good. Then they would buy stuff. We reached a win-win situation on business. Indeed, I respected others, others would respect me too.
I believe in respecting others for who they are.