Finally!! Autorun on USB drives disabled by default in Windows 7!! Goodbye Viruses!

Finallly they did it!!! On the engineering Windows 7 blog, has been announced that the autorun for USB drives will be disabiled!!!

In fact, recently, USB drives viruses, has got an huge boost in diffusion:

usb pen drive virus spreading

In year 2001, Microsoft was provident, by disabling the direct autorun of executibles on usb drives, like is on CD. Unfortunately, too many hackers (and script kiddies) exploited the removabile drive autoplay menu by making a program named "Open folder to view files", with a folder icon. Like this:

removabile drive autoplay menu

Clicking on the first choice, we will be infected by the virus; only the second icon is the right one

For this reason, public computers are literally infested with dozens of such viruses, making mandatory the manual disable of the autorun, as instructed on the Microsoft website.

But finally, they disabled such exploit! The removable drive autoplay menu has been modified to only show programs that are already present on the host computer

removabile drive autoplay menu