How to disable Metro in Windows 8

So, you downloaded Windows 8, and you installed it to try the new features.

Probably, like me, you have been shocked from the crazy new start menu that, maybe it's perfect to be used with a touchscreen, but it's so awkard to use with a mouse, with those huge icons and lack of features: where is the calculator??? And the notepad? What if I want to open "My Computer?"

There is a way to disable this new interface, just install Classic Shell. (I suggest to install only "classic start menu", don't install other tweaks that the setup is suggesting)


Once installed, you have the best of both worlds: classic start menu and, optionally also the new menu.

At this point you will ask yourself: "Why should I use Windows 8 instead of Windows 7?" Well, I think Microsoft did many improvements over it: it's much faster and Explorer.exe is much better

Honestly, after having some time with the new menu, I got used to it, and I like it better than the classic one: it's easier to customize and keep it clean from useless programs: I just missed the start button.