That's weird! You cannot change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition!

Windows Starter Edition, is a very cheap version created for developing countries, or for ultracheap PCs, like netbooks. This version is without many features, and it has many limitations, like, for example, according to the Microsoft Website Windows XP Starter edition, supports maximum 512mb ram, doesn't work on newer dual-core CPUs, etc etc...

Moreover, there are other weird limitations, like a limit of three maximum concurrent open programs at once

win7   win7   win7
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Maybe, for an average user, this is acceptable... Internet explorer + MSN + Word = 3 (but... what about an antivirus?)

But... with the latest version of the Windows 7 beta, we can see that they introduced a new limitation! This is MADNESS!

Look at this:


There is no menu to change the wallpaper! This wonderful monochrome fish, is hardcoded to %windir%\web\wallpaper\windows\img0.jpg so you cannot change it! There is  who has tried to use the feature of "use as a wallpaper" of some image editing software, and it doesn't work! Weird!!

Imagine to buy a PC with this version of Windows. The manufactures can put a terrific wallpaper, maybe an advertising on online betting and how to earn money on internet, and you cannot change it...