The adventures of Windows XP SP0

Recently I installed Windows XP SP0 (the first edition, from year 2001).

I was shocked to see how it's evolved, without our acknowledgement. For example, the Wi-fi doesn't natively work, as my bluetooth mouse: the setup says it wants XP SP3 to continue.

So, I had no other choice to use it only with the keyboard.

Well, just do a Windows Update to fix the problem, right?

You would like it! It says that you need to update to XP SP3 to use it!

I browse the menu with the keyboard and after ten minutes and hundreds of TAB key presses, I can download XP SP3 from the Internet (try to browse the net without a mouse: it's not that easy).

I install it:

Oops! If you want to install XP SP3 you need XP SP1! Let's download it from here. The setup doesn't work, it can't download the update package!

I continue to search for a valid download and finally I find the network install package on the Microsoft website, but when I click download:

It's time to upgrade your browser! Internet Explorer 6 is outdated, you need the 8. I bet that, if I download it, it will say that I need XP SP2, so I start to search between my CDs if I still have an update that Microsoft mailed me when people still had 56k modems:

Luckily I found it! Now I can install XP SP2, then XP SP3, then the bluetooth mouse driver, then the hundreds of new updates... when I will be done?