The Minority Report interface is real!

For the end of the year it might be commercialized the LEAP, an USB device that watches your hands in front of the screen to use as input.

You did not understand? See the advertisement to see how it works:

When I saw it, I was really speechless! The future is now! I said to myself: this thing is gonna cost thousands, I go to see the preorder page and... $70??? Incredible!

Will it manage to really be commercialized or it will be just one of the endless vaporwares that made us dream? And, when it will be available, will it be comfortable to be used, or the gorilla arm will made it awkard to use?E quando uscirĂ , sarĂ  comodo da usare, o la sindrome del braccio del gorilla lo renderĂ  poco utile? (An interface designed to be used with hands on a vertical surface gives to the user an higher fatigue than an horizontal surface)