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Finally Spaces will be available also on Windows


This is a screenshot published by WinFuture, about the upcoming Windows 9 beta.

Finally multiple virtual desktops, OS X style, on Windows. I wonder which keyboard shortcut will they choose to show this view. F9?

Configure Windows clock to work better with OS X or Linux

All computers have an internal clock on the motherboard. The clock is very simple and has no support for time zones.

Windows assumes that it's the local time. If it's 12:30, it assumes that it's 12:30 in your time zone.

The rest of the operating systems instead assumes that the time is in Coordinated Universal Time, which is definitely a much better choice: knowing that this is a standard, is a breeze to change time zone or daylight saving time change.

For example, if you have two Windows on the same computer, both have no way of knowing whether the DST is set, then would both change the time for DST, causing endless problems. However, if the base is UTC time, there is no way to be wrong; = UTC +2 Daylight Saving Time, Standard Time = UTC +1

So, we set Windows to use UTC as the time base:

We can create a new text file with Notepad and write this text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


after saving, change the file extension to. reg and run it. That's it!

Or you can use Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation and create a new 32 bit DWORD entry called RealTimeIsUniversal and set it to 1

Otherwise, you can download the REG file that I created for you

How to download GTA IV San Andreas

As you might have noticed on the last post, on Facebook there is an ad that promise you a free GTA IV San Andreas download. Are you curious to know what happens when you click it?

I documented the installation on another blog, because it will install TWELVE adwares, the article is full of images and I didn't want to make Dandandin heavy to load.

If you are curious, read the story. If you just want to download the mod, download it from (You need to have a working GTA IV copy)

How to download Whatsapp for PC

On Facebook I see this scam advertising everyday, by clicking you can download Whatsapp for PC: how does it work?

The advertising is a scam: when you click it, a new windows will open and will ask to subscribe to a very expensive ringtone service. Once done that, we get the instructions page: the famous "Whatsapp per PC" it's just, an Android emulator.

In this way, you get a new emulated Android phone on your PC: you can chat with Whatsapp, but the app on your phone will be disabled! (fonte)

There is another way to get Whatsapp on a PC?

If your account is old, there is, it's Wassapp, it's an unofficial client made by Waninoko, an (ex) Wii hacker.

Do you know your username? It's your phone number; the password is the wifi MAC address if you use an iPhone or the IMEI code if you use  an Android smartphone. (If your account is new, the password is randomly generated)

Now, this is the main reason to stop using Whatsapp: the username is your phone number, everybody knows it. The password is the IMEI, easy to find by dialing *#06#. This means if you lend the phone to your friend, he could find your Whatsapp credentials and be able to read and send message in your name, easily, from his home PC!!!


Do you use an antivirus?

According to a Microsoft study, a Windows computer out of four DOES NOT have any antivirus, making the chances to get infected within a month very high (I would say that it's almost guaranteed).

And you? Do you use an antivirus, or you like the thrill to reinstall Windows every week?

Moreover, they made a test: can you recognize a "fake" antivirus that will scare you of a fake virus just to steal you money for a fake cleaning?

Can you pass it?

The adventures of Windows XP SP0

Recently I installed Windows XP SP0 (the first edition, from year 2001).

I was shocked to see how it's evolved, without our acknowledgement. For example, the Wi-fi doesn't natively work, as my bluetooth mouse: the setup says it wants XP SP3 to continue.

So, I had no other choice to use it only with the keyboard.

Well, just do a Windows Update to fix the problem, right?

You would like it! It says that you need to update to XP SP3 to use it!

I browse the menu with the keyboard and after ten minutes and hundreds of TAB key presses, I can download XP SP3 from the Internet (try to browse the net without a mouse: it's not that easy).

I install it:

Oops! If you want to install XP SP3 you need XP SP1! Let's download it from here. The setup doesn't work, it can't download the update package!

I continue to search for a valid download and finally I find the network install package on the Microsoft website, but when I click download:

It's time to upgrade your browser! Internet Explorer 6 is outdated, you need the 8. I bet that, if I download it, it will say that I need XP SP2, so I start to search between my CDs if I still have an update that Microsoft mailed me when people still had 56k modems:

Luckily I found it! Now I can install XP SP2, then XP SP3, then the bluetooth mouse driver, then the hundreds of new updates... when I will be done?

I am getting used to the Metro UI

I said that I hated the new Windows 8 and Windows Phone interface, but now I am getting used to it, and I am liking it, I even installed a themed launcher on my HTC Android.

Launcher8 it's great, free and it perfectly merges with Android, its live wallpapers and widgets, I find it much more intuitive. It already has themed icons and you can customize in every way:



Pistorius killed his girlfriend

Even if one year ago I wrote that the new menu in Windows 8 sucks, now I am getting used to it. I like the live tiles, to see the latest updates without opening the full application.

So, today I turn on the computer and I get this news: "Pistorius killed his girlfriend"!

What??? On Valentine's day??

I always saw him as a role model, then this??

Reading the article, a local south african radio said it's an accident: she was mistaken for a burglar, but it's too early to know what really happened.

Microsoft uses Apple iLife for an advertising

Microsoft has done a video to show their new Xbox Live games on Windows. Here it is:

While I was watching it, the music was familiar... I already heard it dozens of time while I was editing one of my videos... do they use a Kevin MacLeod track? No, the track is short, they had to repeat it (poorly placing it, you can hear the overlap). No, I can't believe it! They used THAT jingle!

Yes, it is! They used the Apple iMovie audio library, this file: /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/iLife Sound Effects/Jingles/Half Dome Long.caf! (Listen and compare)

An accidentally way to confirm the fact that there isn't a single decent video editing software on Windows... (for me Adobe is dead, after what they did to me last month... but I will talk about this another time)

How to search apps in the Windows Store

Well, it might seems trivial, but there isn't a "search" button in the Windows 8 Windows Store, so it looks like you can't search for apps.

What to do? Just start to type with the keyboard, and the search box will appear.

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