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Watching TV in streaming for free with Live Player... is this true?

From many months, most of the Internet is flooded with advertising from "TV Live Player". I am curious: it will be really possible to see TV in streaming for free with this software? I googled, but I only managed to find fake reviews on fake blogs, created just to make money on referral schemes  (This means: the blog author takes some cents for every visitor that will download the software)

Why nobody in the Internet has ever wrote a positive and true review on the well known Live Player?

So, I downloaded it and installed in Virtual PC... here are the available channels:

live player channels

What a scam! The channels are unknown free channels! 

Why, if this software is free, their creators are paying thousands of dollars in advertising??? 

Easy: Favorit is bundled with the application! Favorit is an ad-ware that constantly resides in memory with a random name (to avoid identification, like some virus do), and will open an advertising pop-under when you do a search on Google. When you uninstall the useless Live Player, Favorit will not be uninstalled, this is their main idea!

But, some fake reviews said: Moreover, the streaming works perfectly because it has been tested against spyware and viruses.

No spyware? A software that displays contextual ads on search, it is a spyware! Maybe they are referring to "someone else's" spyware? 

To remove Favorit, you must remove it manually from the uninstall application menu:


So, if you are in the USA, the best way to watch TV on the Internet, is still

Geocities is about to close...

Quietly, and only discovered by techcrunch, another piece of Internet history is vanishing...

Bought in 1999 for $2.87 billions by Yahoo, during the dot-com bubble, it was one of the first free web hosting websites in the Internet history.

Those websites were popular in the nineties. No PHP, ASP, scripts; just 15mb of space, and most of pages were created with Microsoft Frontpage... kinda nostalgic!

Gradually, they constantly tied to monetize, forcing advertising into the users' web-pages; in 1997 it was the 5th most popular website in the world, now is just ranked 150th (source) From the alexa data, we can also see that their ranking is drastically fallen this year:


That slash in popularity was inevitable: with the same 1994 offer, no PHP, no ASP (they was not yet invented - PHP is from 1995; ASP is from 1998 ), just 15 mb of space, that at that age, it should have seemed a lot of space, and pages flooded by forced advertisements... who will open a new account?

However, according to, geocities is worth $231 mililions... not bad, right?

On the wayback machine you can see how it appeared in the 1996

The new anti-piracy law in Sweden makes rise the legal downloads by a 100%!

With the new anti-piracy law in Sweden, the Internet traffic was dramatically dropped by a whopping 33% in just a day.

After two weeks, the Internet traffic is still low, does not give any "positive signal":


Kinda a shocker: many were thinking that the law would have a limited effect in time

Moreover, according the biggest legal music distributor in Sweden (after iTunes Store), the legal downloads have rose by 100%!!

How to detect a Conficker infection

Even if the much touted massive 1st april virus infection was not so massive, Conficker continues to spread itself.

Conficker is an auto-installing virus if you didn't installed the MS08-067 patch; knowing if you have been infected is a bit hard, because the virus does its best to hide itself.

Luckily, the Conficker Working Group, has found a simple but smart way to know if you have been infected.

In fact, the virus blocks all the connections to the antivirus company websites. In this page, we can see a table, that contains some images, hosted on "generic" websites, and antivirus company websites:

  • If you can see all the images: YAY! You are not infected
  • If you cannot see the three images at top: you have Conficker C (or higher version)
  • If you cannot see F-secure and Trend-micro logos: you have Conficker A or B
  • If you cannot see any image... your browser is set to don't show any images

The new anti-piracy law in Sweden cuts the internet traffic of a whopping 33%!

The new anti-piracy law in Sweden cuts the Internet traffic of a whopping 33%! Become effective on April, 1st, it already shows its effects. This new law permits to majors and their piracy enforcement teams to easily get personal data of "sharers". Swedish seems to been frightened by this, take a look to the bandwidth usage graph in Stockholm, weekly:

grafico settimanale

and the monthly one:

grafico mensile

A considerable drop in Internet traffic! Obviously, the Swedish did not stop to share on BitTorrent; according to The Pirate Bay stats, at least the 5% of the Swedish population has used BitTorrent in the last 24 hours! Most of them had chosen VPN anonymization services, that are having an unexpected success.

Facebook + money

I just registered myself on facebook. Wow, there are a lot of classmates, i can't believe! And there are a lot of "social applications".

One of these was the "IQ test".

Everywhere, messages will say: your friend "X" has done 120 points, can you beat him?

So, i click to try the IQ test, and i see 10 ultra-easy questions like "what language is spoken in France?", or "The moon is a planet or a star?". I am a bit speechless... In the end, the test tells me, for knowing the result you must give me your cellphone number. What?? So, i write a fictional phone nimber, and i see the scam! Giving the phone number will subscribe you to a 5€/week ringtone service! LOL, what a scam!

Google's Fool

Google is famous for its April's Fool. This year they did so many!

YouTube has been flipped, to try the "new layout"

google google

On Google home page is appeared a link to CADIE, a fake artificial intelligence software that can create a blog (designed to look amateurish); can check your email, replying automatically to "interesting offers" (a nigerian scam is shown), help you with Google docs, write some code for you, and explore the ocean in an automatic submarine.

CADIE has also done a 3d version of Google Chrome!

Funny! It's real! A joke in the joke!

google   google

You can download it from here. Instead, the people behind Google China, has announced to use pidgeons for Google Earth

Piccione di Google

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