Google's Fool

Google is famous for its April's Fool. This year they did so many!

YouTube has been flipped, to try the "new layout"

google google

On Google home page is appeared a link to CADIE, a fake artificial intelligence software that can create a blog (designed to look amateurish); can check your email, replying automatically to "interesting offers" (a nigerian scam is shown), help you with Google docs, write some code for you, and explore the ocean in an automatic submarine.

CADIE has also done a 3d version of Google Chrome!

Funny! It's real! A joke in the joke!

google   google

You can download it from here. Instead, the people behind Google China, has announced to use pidgeons for Google Earth

Piccione di Google

The Dawn of the Dead (computers)

Do you remember Conflicker? The virus that in December has started to spread automatically exploiting a Windows Bug.

According to experts, that virus is designed to activate itself on today, 1st april 2009!

What will happen?

  1. Data loss?
  2. Massive spam sending?
  3. Massive distributed attack to other computers?
  4. Sending of sensible data to evil servers? (like: password, credit card numbers)
  5. April's Fool

In my opinion is the option #2... but i hope in an April's Fool!


Update: how to detect if your computer has been infected

Wii - Marcan vs. Waninkoko: 3-0!

Video of the usb backup loader for wii!

How to run games from USB!

Marcan is one of the hackers behind the Team Twiizers.
Totally against piracy, he is the first to find the signing bug in the Wii, the Zelda save bug, the dvd-video player for Wii, the SaveMii, and many other "discoveries" that has helped so much the Wii homebrew world.

Waninkoko is one of the first hackers to exploit the homebrew world for piracy purposes.
He created the WAD loader/extractor to make possible to pirate WiiWare/Virtual Console games, a backup loader to use copied games without a mod-chip, a region setting software, another to copy Mii to SD card, etc...

Both are active programmers; let's say that Marcan is from the "bright side", while Waninkoko is the "dark side"

Waninkoko feels very condifent in his knowledge and for this reason has been mocked by Marcan. For example, the first version of his program to change the region of the Wii, had a "side effect" of "bricking" the console; or that Waninkoko is constantly trying to "monetize his talent" by putting advertising in his programs, or reselling to mod-chip manufacturers.

Recently Waninkoko has leaked a video on youtube, where is shown an usb game loader!

Marcan has promptly replied:

Marcan has coded an USB backup loader in JUST SIX HOURS!!

After that, he derided the poor Waninkoko by saying that he is a script kiddie.

Marcan, "unfortunately", in on the "bright side", so, he won't release his loader.

"Luckily", Waninkoko, is on the "dark side" and has just released his loader... but, just in my humble opinion... the Marcan one it was easier to manage/install


UPDATE: Waninkoko has wrote a very interesting reply on his blog

That's weird! You cannot change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition!

Windows Starter Edition, is a very cheap version created for developing countries, or for ultracheap PCs, like netbooks. This version is without many features, and it has many limitations, like, for example, according to the Microsoft Website Windows XP Starter edition, supports maximum 512mb ram, doesn't work on newer dual-core CPUs, etc etc...

Moreover, there are other weird limitations, like a limit of three maximum concurrent open programs at once

win7   win7   win7
Click to enlarge

Maybe, for an average user, this is acceptable... Internet explorer + MSN + Word = 3 (but... what about an antivirus?)

But... with the latest version of the Windows 7 beta, we can see that they introduced a new limitation! This is MADNESS!

Look at this:


There is no menu to change the wallpaper! This wonderful monochrome fish, is hardcoded to %windir%\web\wallpaper\windows\img0.jpg so you cannot change it! There is  who has tried to use the feature of "use as a wallpaper" of some image editing software, and it doesn't work! Weird!!

Imagine to buy a PC with this version of Windows. The manufactures can put a terrific wallpaper, maybe an advertising on online betting and how to earn money on internet, and you cannot change it...

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