An oil exporter backs an environmentalist movie?

A few hours ago, while I was coming back to Italy by airplane I saw the movie Promised Land.

(The text over the poster says "the movie that oil corporations did not want you to see")

The movie is about a big gas corporation that wants to drill the countryside. The obvious ending of the movie is that natural gas is essential and cleaner than oil, but extracting it with fracking it's polluting, so it's better to preserve the landscape. With the concessions money the quality of life will improve, but will it be worthy?

After the ending I notice something: produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi. I am shocked! Wasn't it "the movie that oil corporations did not want you to see"??

When I came back home I search more info: Image Nation Abu Dhabi is an Abu Dhabi Media division, controlled and financed by the United Arab Emirates government.

Why a nation that has one of the biggest gas reserves should back an environmentalist movie??

The only reason I could find is to send this message: Americans, don't extract your natural gas, buy from arabs.

Coincidence or scheme?