What if OS X 10.9 won't exist?

In a few hours the Apple WWDC, the annual developer conference will start.

Will be anounced iOS 7, maybe an iPhone 6 or 5S, but my eye got hit by this banner.

It just says: "X"

No 10.9, no other felins , just a wave.

In my opinion, since all the felins name are ran out (they can't name it "Cat", after having it named "Tiger", "Lion", "Panther"), what will happen is a "perpetual version" of OS X, called just "X".

No annual updates, new features will gradually appear.

"But in this way they won't make money by selling the operating system!", you might say.

No problem, just ask the marketing department to think some dumb reasons to block old Macs, like they just did with the 2007 Mac Pro ($8000): it can't run OS X 10.8 officially, or with 2006 iMac that even can't run OS X 10.7. In this way, instead having people buying a $20 annual upgrade, they have to buy a new $1500 Mac every 4-5 years.


My prediction was wrong, it was announced OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Yet we don't know price and which models are supported.