Google is annoying me

This is enough! Again, a vital feature that I use daily gets removed "because nobody used it"!

It was Reader, then the XMPP protocol in Google Talk, this time the Gmail sneak peek lab is gone: when enabled, you could get a preview of the message by simply right-clicking it, saving a lot of time!

The reason it's the useless Gmail redesign, to access quickly to promotions, offers and other Google+ notifications!

Always like this! Every silly decision they take it's for trying to make Google+ more popular!

I think that Google+ is a failure, nobody use it, just accept it and place it on the right place, on a shelf next to Buzz and Wave.

Just take a random article on the Internet, look the comparison between Tweets, Likes, and +1

Google+ has millions of accounts set up, they are flaunting to be the biggest social network, but... nobody is actually using it!

Every attempt to make it become more populare is super stupid, like that idea to force every Android app review to be signed with name, surname real picture and link to the real profile! Why do I need to publish publicly my personal data when I review an Android app??? Maybe someone downloads some "risky" app (something sexual, or about politics, something like that), likes it, makes a review and it GETS SIGNED WITH NAME AND PHOTO, and linked to the actual profile, where more personal details may be available, like work place, address, friends.

For example a neonazi homophobic group could get a list of people to harass by just reading the public Grindr reviews! Or a girl, by simply searching on Google, could discover that her boyfriend, just a few days ago, left a "5 stars, omg this app works great" review on the "Find sex buddies". And I could continue with thousands of examples of why this linking reviews to people is an extremely dumb idea!

Similar approach on YouTube and - they are pushing for Google+ comments! Where is my privacy???

So, I decided to give them an hint: I just deleted myself from Google+.

It's easy and other Google features won't be deleted. (Picasa, Docs, YouTube, ecc...)

You won't miss it at all (how many of you are using it???), and will make Google a bit less the core of your life.