How to wake up and have a good mood for the whole morning

I found an awesome alarm clock for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry 10!

From the creators of UNIQLO Calendar, here there is UNIQLO WAKE UP! (UNIQLO it's a very popular clothing company in Japan)

Before playing the song, it checks the weather on the Internet, and plays a music that fits. And that music is written by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) and Yoko Kanno, a composer that made many awesome sountracks for anime!!!

An artificial voice, but melodic like Hatsune Miku, will say "Good morning, it's ♫ eeeeight aaaam ♪, on tuesday, and it's ♫ part-lyyyyi ♪ cloud-yyyyyyyyy ♫"

I love it, today it rains but it's the whole morning that I am humming "dan dandan din dandin, good morning, it's part-lyyyyy cloud-yyyyyyy"

Unfortunately, it's not perfect:

  • That voice is only in English or Chinese. No Japanese??? I am surprised, as is targeted to Japan! The app description says "アラームミュージックのボーカルは、英語、マンダリン語の2つから選択することができます。" (=Alarm can be set in English or Chinese)
  • It's slow and takes a long time to load, even if the main screen is a simple colored background with weather and time.
  • When you exit and reopen it, even if you do it immediately, for a programming glitch, it loads it everything again, from zero....
  • It ignores the alarm volume, and uses the multimedia volume, so, there is the risk that sometimes it won't play because it's muted - they should set the volume high before playing the alarm.

Download it for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry 10 (note: for installing on BB10, follow this guide. Also, it looks like that the app can open by itself even if the active frame is closed: this should not be supported, if you want to be 100% sure that it works, it's better to leave it running in an active frame)