New commenting system!

I switched to IntenseDebate for managing the comments in this website. Thanks to the perfect mojoPortal integration, it was a snap to do it

Comments to the already commented blog posts will still use the "old" system, only the new ones will have it.

Using IntenseDebate will enable everyone to "follow" the discussion by notification emails, and will let me to publish the hottest topics, the latest comments, and the most active users on the sidebar (But I won't do it now, because it will show a desert - I will do it later)

With IntenseDebate you can also up or downvote other comments, and also you have useless functions like the RSS of the comments.

And it's AJAX, so a new comment will not cause the page to reload! What about editing a comment? Now you can!

The only drawback is that it cannot be integrated with the existing user database, but the added functionality will rock...

There is another drawback that will concern to SEO freaks: no more "do follow" links on the comments. Previously i like the idea to "give back" to the good commenters with a "do follow" link on his username, but now it is no more possible, sorry... ...but IntenseDebate will offer you a new opportunity: your comments will be universal on all websites that supports them, and people can follow you if you are a good commenter. So, you will still have a reason to comment