What is the most effective domain name?

I just registered a funny domain name, "verb".it (verb is to be replaced with an action verb, like play.it; read.it; watch.it; do.it, and something like that, just i don't want to spam around with my name )

(I'm italian so i did not have problems to sign an italian-only contract and send it by fax with a copy of my italian id card to an italian fax number, and calling 3 times in italian-only to ask why after a week my domain was not activated yet - in italy the NIC thinks we are still in the 80s)

Ok, now, i would like to do that website in english, italian and chinese, and i chose to do it using related websites by folders

so, domain.it is english, domain.it/zh is chinese domain.it/it is italian and i think that it would work

But... as an american user, how do you think this idea?

I mean, do you feel ok that, for example, download.it is in en-us, or you would prefer downloadit.com and leave the .it to the italians?