The iPhone is gotta have a physical keyboard!

Engadget is telling us that at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas has just been announced an iPhone keyboard, for writing in full comfort for very long texts, without being forced to use the awkward touchscreen . Awesome, the main drawback is that, thanks to the many restrictions imposed by Apple on its own AppStore, you could be able to type with it only in the included software.

However, iType (what an original name!), is very easy to use, just slide the iPhone in, and use it anywhere, at school, on the bus, in the car while driving, and everywhere you'd like to improve your texting abilities, thanks to its small size:

Oh no!

Oh no! A little bit big!

Anyway, i see a great thing on the background, a musical keyboard for the iPhone! Oh! It would be great to compose and play songs on it! Great for musicians! It is the iDiscover, here is a detailed picture:



According to Engadget, this keyboard can also be used as a MIDI peripheral, to be used to compose music on Mac and PCs! 

The price? Still unknown... (but i suppose that it will be hundreds of dollars, like the majority of "premium" addons for the iPhone )