Windows 8 is officially announced! How to download it for free?

Today at the MWC in Barcelona was officially announced Windows 8. It will be available for x86 processors in 32 and 64 bits flavors and also for ARM processors.

You can download the consumer preview from here: there is a program that will download the version you need.

Otherwise, you can just download the iso from here and then install with this serial number:


Compared with the developer preview, you can notice that the start button is missing, but the appstore is working, and all the apps are available for free for a limited period. There are also some small improvements, and it looks faster than Windows 7.

After the installation, I bet that you want to disable Metro, the new graphical interface: here is how to do, I wonder if this hack still works.

Due to the inclusion of Hyper-V, if you want to run Windows 8 in VirtualBox you need to follow some directives, otherwise the installation won't be completed.

Set your screen resolution higher than 1024x768, otherwise you can't open any app.