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PSP - The TIFF exploit is back! PSP-3000, we are coming!

Video of the PSP 5.03 hack

Is about to be released the definitive hack for the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 series

Just a few weeks ago, it has been found another bug in the TIFF library that allowed to unsigned code to be run.

If you have a PSP-1000 or a PSP-2000 series you can try it, with any firmware version (even unmodified ones), up to 5.03.

Downlod the file from, and, if you have a PSP-1000, copy phat.tiff in the photo folder; if you have a PSP-2000, copy slim.tiff. (don't copy both). Then, copy h.bin in the memory stick root, and go to open the image from the XMB

Until now, it was just a "proof of concept"... but the Team Typhoon is about to release an HEN (Homebrew ENabler) for ANY PSP version, PSP-3000 included. In their video, they are showing that is possible to edit the MAC address of the PSP, a permanent edit that requires kernel access.

Here is the video!

Finally!! Autorun on USB drives disabled by default in Windows 7!! Goodbye Viruses!

Finallly they did it!!! On the engineering Windows 7 blog, has been announced that the autorun for USB drives will be disabiled!!!

In fact, recently, USB drives viruses, has got an huge boost in diffusion:

usb pen drive virus spreading

In year 2001, Microsoft was provident, by disabling the direct autorun of executibles on usb drives, like is on CD. Unfortunately, too many hackers (and script kiddies) exploited the removabile drive autoplay menu by making a program named "Open folder to view files", with a folder icon. Like this:

removabile drive autoplay menu

Clicking on the first choice, we will be infected by the virus; only the second icon is the right one

For this reason, public computers are literally infested with dozens of such viruses, making mandatory the manual disable of the autorun, as instructed on the Microsoft website.

But finally, they disabled such exploit! The removable drive autoplay menu has been modified to only show programs that are already present on the host computer

removabile drive autoplay menu


Watching TV in streaming for free with Live Player... is this true?

From many months, most of the Internet is flooded with advertising from "TV Live Player". I am curious: it will be really possible to see TV in streaming for free with this software? I googled, but I only managed to find fake reviews on fake blogs, created just to make money on referral schemes  (This means: the blog author takes some cents for every visitor that will download the software)

Why nobody in the Internet has ever wrote a positive and true review on the well known Live Player?

So, I downloaded it and installed in Virtual PC... here are the available channels:

live player channels

What a scam! The channels are unknown free channels! 

Why, if this software is free, their creators are paying thousands of dollars in advertising??? 

Easy: Favorit is bundled with the application! Favorit is an ad-ware that constantly resides in memory with a random name (to avoid identification, like some virus do), and will open an advertising pop-under when you do a search on Google. When you uninstall the useless Live Player, Favorit will not be uninstalled, this is their main idea!

But, some fake reviews said: Moreover, the streaming works perfectly because it has been tested against spyware and viruses.

No spyware? A software that displays contextual ads on search, it is a spyware! Maybe they are referring to "someone else's" spyware? 

To remove Favorit, you must remove it manually from the uninstall application menu:


So, if you are in the USA, the best way to watch TV on the Internet, is still

Geocities is about to close...

Quietly, and only discovered by techcrunch, another piece of Internet history is vanishing...

Bought in 1999 for $2.87 billions by Yahoo, during the dot-com bubble, it was one of the first free web hosting websites in the Internet history.

Those websites were popular in the nineties. No PHP, ASP, scripts; just 15mb of space, and most of pages were created with Microsoft Frontpage... kinda nostalgic!

Gradually, they constantly tied to monetize, forcing advertising into the users' web-pages; in 1997 it was the 5th most popular website in the world, now is just ranked 150th (source) From the alexa data, we can also see that their ranking is drastically fallen this year:


That slash in popularity was inevitable: with the same 1994 offer, no PHP, no ASP (they was not yet invented - PHP is from 1995; ASP is from 1998 ), just 15 mb of space, that at that age, it should have seemed a lot of space, and pages flooded by forced advertisements... who will open a new account?

However, according to, geocities is worth $231 mililions... not bad, right?

On the wayback machine you can see how it appeared in the 1996

Handwriting recognition in Windows 7

On the official "engineering windows 7" blog, there is a really interesting post.

That post is about the handwriting recognition. Widely available from many years, it was not accurate nor user friendly enough to be really useful.

With Windows 7, they want to get radical change to the common idea of handwriting recognition! A video is better than 100 words:

Really impressing, it isn't true?

This technlogy also works for asian languages!


And you can also write complicated math equations! 


They also revamped the UI, making it more "finger friendly", and with "multi-touch" support. Also, the on-screen keyboard, is not as useless as the XP or Vista OSK and has been refined in the looking and in functionalities! It has an adaptive dictionary that will learn from the user documents.

So promising, right? I wanna buy a tablet pc!

Wii - How to run backups from USB or SD card

Note: this requires the Homebrew Installer. If you don't have it, please read this.

With Waninkoko's USB loader, is possible to load games saved on an USB drive, or even from an SD card inserted in the internal Wii reader. Wii.
How to do that?

  1. First of all, you must install the Homebrew Channel. For doing that, you can use the new Wii exploit (not yet released), or with the "Twilight Hack" (soon I will publish an howto)
  2. Then, you have to install the CIOS 36 rev 10. CIOS stands for Custom IOS, is something like a "system file" with some edits. For mnore information, read what is a CIOS
  3. Download the CIOS from here
  4. Unzip the file on an SD card in the X:\apps\cios folder and renaming the file cIOS36_rev10-Installer.dol in boot.dol
  5. If you run the program from the Homebrew Channel, you will see that you are prompted to choose from two installation methods, networked or local method. The CIOS is based on the original IOS36 file, so it needs that for applying the edits. If your Wii is able to access the Internet, you can choose the "network" method, downloading it automatically from Nintendo servers; otherwise, you have to place the, IOS36-64-v1042.wad file in the SD card root. This file is copyrighted by Nintendo, so, you have to search it on Google, or get it legally (by extracting it from a game update - i will explain it later, if requested)
  6. After having installed the CIOS; download the SD/USB loader from here.
  7. Still, unzip on the SD card in the X:\apps\usbloader folder, renaming SDUSB-Loader_v1.5.dol in boot.dol
  8. Here is the USB Loader:


With left and right buttons on the wiimote, you can choose to load from SD or USB.
Warning: The USB drive, or the SD card, must be formatted in WBFS. That means that you have to use a dedicated USB drive or a SD card for do that.
The program recognizes automatically if the drive is not WBFS formatted, and asks if you want to format it.
To copy a game on the USB drive, is a piece of cake: just insert a DVD in the Wii DVD drivem and press the + button. In a few minutes, the game will be copied on the drive, ready to be played! Moreover, the games will be "compressed; they will occupy less space! For example, Wii Play is just 100 mb.
After copying the games on the drive, it will appear a list with the available games - so neat, it isn't?

From a PC, you can manage and add new games with the WBFS manager:

wbfs manager     wbfs manager

Click to enlarge

You can download the WBFS manager from the official website

Have fun!

How to install the KB959995 patch

Recently, is appeared on Windows Update an Excel hotfix, the KB959995 update

But, on some computers, it is impossible to install... it simply fails, without any information

One of that computers, unfortunately, was my computer.... searching on Google, everybody was saying "you must reinstall office again".

But, i found a solution by myself:

First, download the patch from the Microsoft Website.

Run the patch and wait several minutes; after some time, you will get an error similar to "Impossible to find the installation files in E:"
Why? When I installed Office 2003 several years ago, I told him to save the installation files on E:
Over time, i added a new hdd, swapped partitions, and E: has become M:
E: has become an "unused space", so the patch is not able to find the installation files and it will fail

What to do? The easiest solution is making M: become E: again (I will write an howto on this, if requested)
If you managed to restore the original drive legger, you can go at the end of tutorial

If is not possible, you have to use the listool, downloading it from here.

After unzipping it, click on "move local installation source":


And then select a drive that can accept the setup files:


Now you are ready to install the patch. Run again the patch that you downloaded from the Microsoft website, wait several minutes, and you are done! 


Symbian S60 can run on x86 CPUs!

The guys at the S60 on Symbian Customer Operations team, has done a Symbian S60 port for x86 CPU, the common CPU for PCs and Macs! That port, is for an off the shelf Intel Atom motherboard. Even them were shocked by the speed and responsiveness! Here are some pictures:

symbian     symbian

For now is just a proof of concept... x86 cellphones will ever come?

The new anti-piracy law in Sweden makes rise the legal downloads by a 100%!

With the new anti-piracy law in Sweden, the Internet traffic was dramatically dropped by a whopping 33% in just a day.

After two weeks, the Internet traffic is still low, does not give any "positive signal":


Kinda a shocker: many were thinking that the law would have a limited effect in time

Moreover, according the biggest legal music distributor in Sweden (after iTunes Store), the legal downloads have rose by 100%!!

The safe saw

This table saw is so groundbreaking!

Usually, what happens if you touch the spinning blade of a table saw? That your finger will be cut away

Forget that days! This blade is constantly monitored by an electronic circuit: when there is a variation on the conductivity of the material that we are cutting, DLANG! The circuit immediately stops the blade hiding it in a trapdoor in just a fraction of seconds!

Look at this video! Awesome!! Think, how many fingers can be saved by this technology!

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