Bye Bye Skype for Windows Mobile

Many websites are reporting that Skype for Windows Mobile has disappeared from skype website.

Skype says:

Unfortunately, Skype Lite – a version of Skype for your mobile phone – and Skype for Windows Mobile are no longer available for download from our site.

We’ve chosen to withdraw Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile because we want to offer our new customers an improved mobile experience – much like the version that has proved so popular on the iPhone, and which is now available on Symbian phones. Our focus is on providing a rich user experience that allows you to enjoy free Skype-to-Skype and low cost calls as easily on the move as you do at your desktop.

We felt that Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile were not offering the best possible Skype experience.

Maybe they saw that fring and nimbuzz are way better, using a more efficient network protocol?

But what if they fail to deliver the new version? What if the new version is not compatible with older Windows Mobile handsets? The old skype version was compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 onwards, i highly doubt that the new one will do the same.

What if you want to download it? Easy, the new website will help you!

Go here to download:

About respect

Today is valentine's day, it is all about love, so I give you this great thought about respecting others:

The audio is in English, but I provided closed captions, and, here is the transcript:

I believe in respecting others for who they are

My parents taught me how to be a polite person, when I was a little girl. I respected parents, teachers, relatives, friends and others in my life.

There was no doubt: my parents were the first teachers in my life. They told me, when you meet relatives in a party, you have to talk for first. For example, I said, “How are you?” for first instead that relatives said that. Moreover, you could not sit down until relatives sit down. When someone gave me a gift, I have to say, “Thank you”. When I made a mistake, I have to say “sorry”.

I remember once, I quarreled with my mother. My father said, “You can not speak loudly to your mother. Think what’s your mom took care of you for everything”. From then on, when I have troubles, I would like to talk with my parents. It would be an heart to heart talking. In addition, my father told me a famous Chinese story. The story is: “Long long time ago, His father has three children, a little boy is most smart. One day, his father bought one bag of pears to him and his brothers. His father gave him a big pear, The little boy said, “No, no. A big pears should give parents, I pick small one that would be fine”. I remember this story until now.
I respect friends. Over time, I made a friend who told me a secret. I never told her secrets to others, because I respected her and I respected her privacy. We kept relationships for twelve years. Once, I asked her a question. “Why have you told me many secrets?” She said, “I trust you”. She asked me, “Why did you never tell another person about my secrets?” I said, “I respect you”.

I respect old people, children, colleagues and customers. In China, taking a bus is very convenient for students as they go to school. When I saw old people and children in the bus, I would get out of my seat to give it them. I did a part time job in China. I respected my colleagues, when we did a good job in teamwork. In addition, I respected my customers. The manager said, “Customers are god”. I learnt to respect customers. They would feel that my service was good. Then they would buy stuff. We reached a win-win situation on business. Indeed, I respected others, others would respect me too.
I believe in respecting others for who they are.

The Cove

The Cove it's a documentary film that shows to the whole world the slaughter of thousands of dolphins by the food industry.

Set in Taiji, a small city near to Osaka, opens our eyes on the problems, filming with high-tech cameras camouflaged as rocks the biggest dolphin slaughtering organization in the world.

We, westerners, we all love Japan, beautiful scenery and suggestive culture, and when we read criticisms about Japan we tend to ignore them... but we cannot ignore this.

I love Japan, i teach Japanese every week, but I cannot tolerate a dolphinarium that offers dolphin-based treats and snacks to the visitors while watching the dolphin show!

The meat of the dolphins, highly toxic for the high mercury level, is eaten for "tradition", and it (was) also present in the school menu of the Taiji schools. (then removed after the documentary).

Luckily, things are changing, the demand for cetacean meat is falling, as for whale meat, that recently has become cheaper, due to low demand. Even if, some politicians very conservative has enacted a promotional campaign to make the population aware about whale meat. But about how good is for health that meat, by showing kids in primary schools, making future new consumers!

You can watch the documentary on Youku, by buying the dvd on, buying the digital download on iTunes, or "other ways"

Yay! The Apple tablet is coming! I am unimpressed...

Yay! The Apple conference is coming! What they will announce? How much will the the awesome tablet? How it will be named? iTablet, iSlate, iPad? Anyway, it is gonna change the world!


From many months ago, almost any blog that i follow through RSS, is writing rumors about the Apple table, showing photoshopped images, lists of presumed functionality, and much more...

Well... I just don't see why they see this awesomeness in a tablet. If you want a tablet to be operated with fingers, just to go on the Internet, there is already the JooJoo. You want to read books around? There is the Kindle, the Nook, and many others.

If we want a desktop replacement computer, there is already a solution from at least 5-6 years. Take my HP TC4400 Tablet. With a Core2Duo CPU, has a QWERTY keyboard, a 12" antiglare screen that can fold on itself, docking station connector, can use an external battery, and it is well contained in a light magnesium alloy case. I use it weekly to teach Japanese (Italian only, for now): with the pen, i can highlight and write on my slides very conveniently. And it's awesome to be used on a lap, with the Windows 7 handwriting recognition, that can even read my very bad calligraphy!

I don't see the awesomeness of a tablet that is in late of years with the competitors.

But maybe, as an Apple fanboy friend of mine said when I showed him my HP tablet, this would be a worldwide success only when Apple will "take inspiration" and removing function by it...

New commenting system!

I switched to IntenseDebate for managing the comments in this website. Thanks to the perfect mojoPortal integration, it was a snap to do it

Comments to the already commented blog posts will still use the "old" system, only the new ones will have it.

Using IntenseDebate will enable everyone to "follow" the discussion by notification emails, and will let me to publish the hottest topics, the latest comments, and the most active users on the sidebar (But I won't do it now, because it will show a desert - I will do it later)

With IntenseDebate you can also up or downvote other comments, and also you have useless functions like the RSS of the comments.

And it's AJAX, so a new comment will not cause the page to reload! What about editing a comment? Now you can!

The only drawback is that it cannot be integrated with the existing user database, but the added functionality will rock...

There is another drawback that will concern to SEO freaks: no more "do follow" links on the comments. Previously i like the idea to "give back" to the good commenters with a "do follow" link on his username, but now it is no more possible, sorry... ...but IntenseDebate will offer you a new opportunity: your comments will be universal on all websites that supports them, and people can follow you if you are a good commenter. So, you will still have a reason to comment

What is the most effective domain name?

I just registered a funny domain name, "verb".it (verb is to be replaced with an action verb, like;;;, and something like that, just i don't want to spam around with my name )

(I'm italian so i did not have problems to sign an italian-only contract and send it by fax with a copy of my italian id card to an italian fax number, and calling 3 times in italian-only to ask why after a week my domain was not activated yet - in italy the NIC thinks we are still in the 80s)

Ok, now, i would like to do that website in english, italian and chinese, and i chose to do it using related websites by folders

so, is english, is chinese is italian and i think that it would work

But... as an american user, how do you think this idea?

I mean, do you feel ok that, for example, is in en-us, or you would prefer and leave the .it to the italians?

The iPhone is gotta have a physical keyboard!

Engadget is telling us that at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas has just been announced an iPhone keyboard, for writing in full comfort for very long texts, without being forced to use the awkward touchscreen . Awesome, the main drawback is that, thanks to the many restrictions imposed by Apple on its own AppStore, you could be able to type with it only in the included software.

However, iType (what an original name!), is very easy to use, just slide the iPhone in, and use it anywhere, at school, on the bus, in the car while driving, and everywhere you'd like to improve your texting abilities, thanks to its small size:

Oh no!

Oh no! A little bit big!

Anyway, i see a great thing on the background, a musical keyboard for the iPhone! Oh! It would be great to compose and play songs on it! Great for musicians! It is the iDiscover, here is a detailed picture:



According to Engadget, this keyboard can also be used as a MIDI peripheral, to be used to compose music on Mac and PCs! 

The price? Still unknown... (but i suppose that it will be hundreds of dollars, like the majority of "premium" addons for the iPhone )

New domain for dandandin!

You might have noticed it, right? The old subdomain redirects now to, targeting the rest of the world

Ok, maybe there is less content in the .net website than in the .it counterpart, but I am only one person, and I am doing the translation with the brain, not with Google translator, as too many (bad) webmasters are doing out there (/me is modest)

Other many amazing announcements will come in the near future, follow us!

Datel defeats Sony? PSP reverse-engineered?

As many PSP users know, Sony is a little bit “bad” (to use an euphemism) regard the homebrew software world. Soon after every custom firmware or exploit, Sony immediately releases a new, useless, firmware update.

And, for now, both the PSP-3000 and then PSPgo, there aren’t “definitive” exploits, as the mighty pandora. So, the things are not so interesting, ad the users are forced to use “temporary exploits” as the latest TIFF+HEN, that is not easy to use, and it is also easy to defeat with a system software update…

But, suddenly, the wagic team blog writes that Datel, the famous action replay maker, has just made the universal action replay!

The previous action replay for the PSP, was a simple pandora battery with a special loader… not so exciting…

But, this time, it looks like that the Sony authenticity check has been fooled!!!

It looks like that those genius at Datel has reverse-engineered the code-signing of PSP games! (That means: their unofficial program is recognized as an official Sony update!)

This discovery will be fixed with the new System Update 6.30? Or Sony has definitely lost the war? If that… PSPgo… I'm coming!

Free invites for Google Wave

I just received 16 invites for Google Wave, and I am gonna give them to who is interested.

To get one, just write your email in this comment, I will invite you and the filter your email, for privacy reasons

Google Wave it's a sort of Facebook clone, for now it's a little bit useless, but with more users it will become very interesting. Wanna have a try?

edit January 8, 2010: invites still available!

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