How to restore the "classical" new tab page on Google Chrome

If you are using the Google Chrome, you probably have noticed the new home page, with an huge Google logo, an useless and redundant search bar that just searches in the address bar and the most visited websites reduced to 8 smallish icons at the bottom of the page.

If I wanted as my homepage, I would have just set it up!

In the latest updates, they already hid all the extensions under a submenu (hint: move on the side, you can widen the bar and show them again), now they remove the most used feature in their browser?

Are they trying to ruin it?

Luckily there is a way to restore it to its classical style.

Just go on chrome://flags and search for a setting called "Extended Instant API". Disable it, scroll at the bottom of the page and press save. Chrome will restart and everything would work as before.



Nintendo 2DS?????

When a few hours ago I read about the new Nintendo 2DS on Twitter, I immediately thought that it was an hoax: a new "portable" console to play 3D games on a 2D screen, with a wedge design that makes impossible to place it in a pocket and play outside home! After the great success of the giant tablet-gamepad on the WiiU, the great design genius strikes again!

What do you think about it? For me it's ridiculous, it's huge, for just a few dollars more you could take the original 3DS, even if I have a theory: are they discontinuing it? If you search on Amazon, you can see that the original 3DS is sold for $10 more than the MSRP and the giant 3DS XL has almost the same price. With the same price, everyone will choose the larger one, right?

1Q84 is the worst book ever

Last year on the Italian version of this blog I wrote an enthusiastic review of Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 . I found it very interesting and I was eager to read the third volume .
Finally I've got some free time to read those 600 pages.
How's that? Probably the worst book series I ever read in my life!
The last time I saw a such banal ending I was in middle school: I was writing a short story for an homework, I reached the fourth page, it was three hours that I was writing and I decided to close my story with "Sarah woke up: it was just a bad dream... or not?".
In an homework wrote by a 12 years old boy this can be tolerated, but on a massive 1800 pages book isn't possible!
Basically, the story is this:
  • 100 pages on Mark useless thoughts
  • 100 pages on Juliettenne and how she feels unconfortable with such a name
  • 200 pages of wonderful, intriguing action
  • 500 useless pages about a parallel universe with thousands of questions that will never be answered
  • 500 pages about a private investigator that follows Mark and Juliettenne, repeating again and again the same known facts, not only, telling them from three points of view. What some authors can tell in 25-40 pages, here are told in 500 pages
  • 100 useless pages about the TV subscription/tax in Japan and how collectors will try to get money from all house
  • 100 pages on the bad guys and why get Juliettenne is so important
  • 30 pages about a mysterious event that happens on a corpse, without any explanation about the reason
  • 10 pages that end the book with an "and then they woke up... or not?"
I really advise you to don't read the third book, unless you like to waste your time by reading 600 pages with the rambling adventures of a failed detective that's so ugly that everyone recognizes him from an half mile.
(I censored the spoilers, to read them select the text with the mouse)
Since the ending is so plain (they come back in their world, leaving everything behind... or not), why, in one of the last chapters, describing in every finest detail how those little people come out from the mouth of Ushikawa's corpse they form a circle and start to sew an air chrysalid??? In the ending do you plan to explain who are those fucking little people? Do you plan to explain about what is the purpose that fucking air chrysalid? Do you plan to explain why they make sure to finish it before the body get cremated? So, why you write a fucking chapter about it?!?!? You are a bastard, you write so many details, you thicken the plot, and then get away with a rushed final chapter that doesn't solve ANYTHING!
Finally after 20 years they get together: I always loved you, but now we have to run, also I am pregnant, it's your child. And the other immediately understands it "ah, yes four months ago I had sex with another girl that said don't worry I can't get pregnant, for some reason you got pregnant instead... well, anyway I had many sex deams with you, it's fine anyway right?" and, climbing a ladder, they come back to the normal world (or not)
And what about Ushikawa? He hadn't get through the dimensional passage, so why he also was shocked to see two moons in the night sky? And those little people? They made a dog die by making it exploding and then? Over? Just for fun? Who are them? What's their purpose? Wow, they killed a dog without a reason, so we must be afraid of them. Why the leader, was forced to had sex with underage girls? Why? Fukaeri writes that book and then? Goes home after three months of exile and over? Just disappears? Did she talk with crows? Or they were just spying her for that little people? Why the docter, just after Fukaeri comes back home, asks clearly if she had sex with Tengo? It's because she's a famous ninphomaniac? She got pregnant? It's not normal to clearly ask to a thirty years old man if he  had sex with the underage girl that was living in his house, right?
Tengo's father really autoinduced his come and his soul was wandering in Tokyo? How could he do that? WIth so many things a soul can do in Tokyo, he really has to knock doors asking to pay the TV subscription????? And then why he knocks the door only to main characters??? How he got the address?? And why?? What's the purpose of air chrysalids? Tengo sees one of them, with a girl inside, but then it suddenly disappears, then he tries to see it again without success by smoking pot: should he use heavier drugs?
What about Tengo's sex buddy? From what her husband said, it looks like she got violently tortured and killed, but he doesn't care. Really? Why Tengo's mother looks like his (now dead?) sex buddy? Why Tengo has sex dreams with his mother?
Those are just a few of the hundreds of unanswered questions that the book series give.
My opinion about it, if I wasn't clear enough: the first two books are a masterpiece, the third it's a disaster.
Making an analogy, the first two books are a wonderful flower that's about to bloom, everyone is anxious to see it, and then a  garbage truck dumps its load on it...

How to download GTA IV San Andreas

As you might have noticed on the last post, on Facebook there is an ad that promise you a free GTA IV San Andreas download. Are you curious to know what happens when you click it?

I documented the installation on another blog, because it will install TWELVE adwares, the article is full of images and I didn't want to make Dandandin heavy to load.

If you are curious, read the story. If you just want to download the mod, download it from (You need to have a working GTA IV copy)

How to download Whatsapp for PC

On Facebook I see this scam advertising everyday, by clicking you can download Whatsapp for PC: how does it work?

The advertising is a scam: when you click it, a new windows will open and will ask to subscribe to a very expensive ringtone service. Once done that, we get the instructions page: the famous "Whatsapp per PC" it's just, an Android emulator.

In this way, you get a new emulated Android phone on your PC: you can chat with Whatsapp, but the app on your phone will be disabled! (fonte)

There is another way to get Whatsapp on a PC?

If your account is old, there is, it's Wassapp, it's an unofficial client made by Waninoko, an (ex) Wii hacker.

Do you know your username? It's your phone number; the password is the wifi MAC address if you use an iPhone or the IMEI code if you use  an Android smartphone. (If your account is new, the password is randomly generated)

Now, this is the main reason to stop using Whatsapp: the username is your phone number, everybody knows it. The password is the IMEI, easy to find by dialing *#06#. This means if you lend the phone to your friend, he could find your Whatsapp credentials and be able to read and send message in your name, easily, from his home PC!!!


An oil exporter backs an environmentalist movie?

A few hours ago, while I was coming back to Italy by airplane I saw the movie Promised Land.

(The text over the poster says "the movie that oil corporations did not want you to see")

The movie is about a big gas corporation that wants to drill the countryside. The obvious ending of the movie is that natural gas is essential and cleaner than oil, but extracting it with fracking it's polluting, so it's better to preserve the landscape. With the concessions money the quality of life will improve, but will it be worthy?

After the ending I notice something: produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi. I am shocked! Wasn't it "the movie that oil corporations did not want you to see"??

When I came back home I search more info: Image Nation Abu Dhabi is an Abu Dhabi Media division, controlled and financed by the United Arab Emirates government.

Why a nation that has one of the biggest gas reserves should back an environmentalist movie??

The only reason I could find is to send this message: Americans, don't extract your natural gas, buy from arabs.

Coincidence or scheme?

What if OS X 10.9 won't exist?

In a few hours the Apple WWDC, the annual developer conference will start.

Will be anounced iOS 7, maybe an iPhone 6 or 5S, but my eye got hit by this banner.

It just says: "X"

No 10.9, no other felins , just a wave.

In my opinion, since all the felins name are ran out (they can't name it "Cat", after having it named "Tiger", "Lion", "Panther"), what will happen is a "perpetual version" of OS X, called just "X".

No annual updates, new features will gradually appear.

"But in this way they won't make money by selling the operating system!", you might say.

No problem, just ask the marketing department to think some dumb reasons to block old Macs, like they just did with the 2007 Mac Pro ($8000): it can't run OS X 10.8 officially, or with 2006 iMac that even can't run OS X 10.7. In this way, instead having people buying a $20 annual upgrade, they have to buy a new $1500 Mac every 4-5 years.


My prediction was wrong, it was announced OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Yet we don't know price and which models are supported.

Farewell to Waze?

You might have read the rumors about a Facebook acquisition of Waze for a billion dollars. But, unfortunately, it looks like Google is near to do it it for 1.3 billion.

Waze is a free GPS navigator that uses users contributions to update maps and give information about traffic and speed traps. It's the most popular free alternative to Google Maps.

If the acquisition won't be forbidden by regulators, in a few months it will be disabled, as it happened for Sparrow, Meebo, BumpTop, Wavii...

What a pity...

Google is annoying me

This is enough! Again, a vital feature that I use daily gets removed "because nobody used it"!

It was Reader, then the XMPP protocol in Google Talk, this time the Gmail sneak peek lab is gone: when enabled, you could get a preview of the message by simply right-clicking it, saving a lot of time!

The reason it's the useless Gmail redesign, to access quickly to promotions, offers and other Google+ notifications!

Always like this! Every silly decision they take it's for trying to make Google+ more popular!

I think that Google+ is a failure, nobody use it, just accept it and place it on the right place, on a shelf next to Buzz and Wave.

Just take a random article on the Internet, look the comparison between Tweets, Likes, and +1

Google+ has millions of accounts set up, they are flaunting to be the biggest social network, but... nobody is actually using it!

Every attempt to make it become more populare is super stupid, like that idea to force every Android app review to be signed with name, surname real picture and link to the real profile! Why do I need to publish publicly my personal data when I review an Android app??? Maybe someone downloads some "risky" app (something sexual, or about politics, something like that), likes it, makes a review and it GETS SIGNED WITH NAME AND PHOTO, and linked to the actual profile, where more personal details may be available, like work place, address, friends.

For example a neonazi homophobic group could get a list of people to harass by just reading the public Grindr reviews! Or a girl, by simply searching on Google, could discover that her boyfriend, just a few days ago, left a "5 stars, omg this app works great" review on the "Find sex buddies". And I could continue with thousands of examples of why this linking reviews to people is an extremely dumb idea!

Similar approach on YouTube and - they are pushing for Google+ comments! Where is my privacy???

So, I decided to give them an hint: I just deleted myself from Google+.

It's easy and other Google features won't be deleted. (Picasa, Docs, YouTube, ecc...)

You won't miss it at all (how many of you are using it???), and will make Google a bit less the core of your life.

How to wake up and have a good mood for the whole morning

I found an awesome alarm clock for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry 10!

From the creators of UNIQLO Calendar, here there is UNIQLO WAKE UP! (UNIQLO it's a very popular clothing company in Japan)

Before playing the song, it checks the weather on the Internet, and plays a music that fits. And that music is written by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) and Yoko Kanno, a composer that made many awesome sountracks for anime!!!

An artificial voice, but melodic like Hatsune Miku, will say "Good morning, it's ♫ eeeeight aaaam ♪, on tuesday, and it's ♫ part-lyyyyi ♪ cloud-yyyyyyyyy ♫"

I love it, today it rains but it's the whole morning that I am humming "dan dandan din dandin, good morning, it's part-lyyyyy cloud-yyyyyyy"

Unfortunately, it's not perfect:

  • That voice is only in English or Chinese. No Japanese??? I am surprised, as is targeted to Japan! The app description says "アラームミュージックのボーカルは、英語、マンダリン語の2つから選択することができます。" (=Alarm can be set in English or Chinese)
  • It's slow and takes a long time to load, even if the main screen is a simple colored background with weather and time.
  • When you exit and reopen it, even if you do it immediately, for a programming glitch, it loads it everything again, from zero....
  • It ignores the alarm volume, and uses the multimedia volume, so, there is the risk that sometimes it won't play because it's muted - they should set the volume high before playing the alarm.

Download it for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry 10 (note: for installing on BB10, follow this guide. Also, it looks like that the app can open by itself even if the active frame is closed: this should not be supported, if you want to be 100% sure that it works, it's better to leave it running in an active frame)

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